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-1000 – 0 YP

  • c. -1000: The Peninsular-speaking ancestors of the Lotoka people cross the Bay of Kasca by boat, settling on the Lotoka peninsula.
  • c. -900: Two Mohudza empires established— one, of settled Mohudza, on the Bwimbai, and one, of nomadised Mohudza, in the west.
  • c. -800: Truce of Deunagho between Faraghin barons enables burgeoning trade and settlement.
  • -771: Coastal Westerners conquer Kpitamoa.
  • c. -650: Wars with Sertek end the Truce of Deunagho; many Fáralo settle away from the fighting as far as Kasca and Oltumosou.
  • -589: Isi is the last major Lukpanic city to fall into the hands of the Coastal Westerners, being conquered by the warlord Ùgabadá.
  • -520: Barons of Ussor conquer Miədu.
  • c. -500: Damak speakers throw off nomad-Mohudza shackles. Conflict with settled Mohudza to the east exhausts both peoples.
  • -480: Ussor invades Kasca, and quickly conquers the delta till Påwe and Momuva'e push it back; decades of war follow, ending with Ussor controlling half the delta with nominal control over the rest. Ultimately Laspera is destroyed and Momuva'e collapses into anarchy, while Påwe recovers, and Miədu drifts in and out of Fáralo control.
  • -435–-420: Height of the Anheshnalåks under Habvanðïhañ, who manages to bring large parts of Xšalad under his control. However, the Anheshnalåk empire falls apart shortly after his death due to ineffectual rule and a revolt by the Xšali.
  • c. -400: Last great nomadic empire of the dark ages, as the Habeo unite and conquer the Hitatc and Ndok of the middle Aiwa and the Mohudza; but their empire quickly breaks down into fluctuating alliances.
  • c. -250: The large but short-lived Tjakori Empire controls most of the Xšalad plain.
  • -185: Huyfárah occupies the Dagæm islands, beginning its imperial period.
  • -167: Huyfárah in control of Oltumosou; begins pacifying the inland Feråjin.
  • -142: Čisse founded in order to protect Huyfárah's eastern border against the Doroh.
  • -133: Miədu, seeing which way the wind is blowing, voluntarily joins to Huyfárah.
  • -112: Påwe conquers Momuva'e, leading to war with Huyfárah.
  • -109: Huyfárah conquers Momuva'e (though it does not hold it for long) and occupies most of the Kascan delta.