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A map of northeastern Peilaš. The location of Ussor is indicated.

• Ussor

Ussor is a major city in northeastern Peilaš, located on the Sau Ibli coast, just a few miles east of the mouth of the river Oltu. It was founded by the Ndak in the time of their empire around -2000 YP, possibly during the reign of the legendary emperor Tsinakan. After the region had come under Faraghin control in the late 2nd millennium BP, Ussor developed into an important cultural center and eventually became capital of the classical Fáralo state, Huyfárah, and later of its successor, the medieval kingdom of Woldulaš.


Language Name Pronunciation Source
Ndak Ta Uksaur [ˈʊk.sɐʊr] (unknown)
Fáralo Ussor [ˈus.sɔɾ] NT Uksaur
Ndok Aisô Uksaux [ʊkˈsawʔ] NT Uksaur
Buruya Nzaysa Uysɔ [ˈuj.sɔ] NT Uksaur
Naidda Usor [ˈu.sor] F. Ussor (borrowed)
Namɨdu Usso [ˈus.sɔ] F. Ussor
Woltu Falla Ussor [ˈus.sɔɾ] F. Ussor
Cəssın Ossor [ˈɔs.sɔɾ] F. Ussor
Wippwo Uhoa [ˈu.hwa] Ndd. Usor