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A map of northeastern Peilaš. The location of Čisse is indicated.

• Čisse

Čisse is the easternmost city of classical Huyfárah. It is located in a strategic place at the mouth of the Čisse river, on the eastern end of the isthmus, and thus it acts as a gateway to the Siixtaguna subcontinent. The city was founded in -142 YP in order to protect Huyfárah's eastern border against the Doroh. In the 7th century the city was briefly taken over by Takuña pirates, but when these had been ejected by a public uprising, the locals decided not to return into the crumbling empire, preferring to set up an independent city-state instead.


Language Name Pronunciation Etymology
Fáralo Čisse [ˈʧis.sɛ] (unknown; ← Doroh)
Cəssın Cəssa [ˈʈɤs.sɑ] F. Čisse
Woltu Falla Čissa [ˈʧis.sɐ] F. Čisse