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Period 0-200 YP
Spoken in Siixtaguna
and nearby islands
Total speakers unknown
Writing system Takuña script
Classification Núalís-Takuña family
Basic word order VSO
Morphology synthetic affixes;
consonant mutations
Alignment Accusative
Created by TzirTzi

Takuña is a language of the Núalís-Takuña family. It is the variety indigenous to the islands colonised by the speakers of Mûtsipsa'.


Like other members of its family, Takuña has a comparatively small phoneme inventory; this inventory, however, is considerably larger than that of its ancestor due to the development of a series of long consonants. Historically, its consonants have been less stable than its vowels; its monophthongs have remained virtually unchanged since its reconstructed ancestor, PNT. It is characterised by processes causing vowel nasalisation and by a phonemic vowel register involving lowered tone and creaky phonation.

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