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A map of the Lukpanic coast (c. -500 YP). The location of Isi is indicated.

Isi •

Isi is the major city of the Lukpanic coast of western Peilaš, located west of the Naunupai peninsula, about 300km southwest of Naəgbum. It was the last Lukpanic city-state to be conquered by Coastal Westerners, and its capture in -589 YP by the warlord Ùgabadá "the Biting" might not have been successful, had it not been greatly helped by several thousand Western mercenaries in the defending army switching sides. Even after the conquest, Isi (now known as Ishe) held on to its prominent position in the now Western-dominated area, and it remained an important maritime trade hub.


Language Name Pronunciation Etymology
Proto-Lukpanic Isi [ˈ] (unknown)
U Ishe Ishe [ˈi.ʒe] PL Isi
Ru Negwẽ Ise [ˈi.sə] PL Isi
Fu Pitão Isi [ˈi.ʃi] PL Isi
Hu Shĩmyashta Ishi [ˈi.ʃi] PL Isi
U Adonupu Isi [ˈi.zi] ~ [ˈi.ʒi] PL Isi
Ishoʻu ʻOhu Ishe [ˈʔi.ɕe] I.L. Ishe (borrowed)
Ìletlégbàku Ishe [ˈi.ʃɛ] I.L. Ishe (borrowed)
Doayâu Isi [ˈi.sʲi] Kp.L. Isi (borrowed)
U Bol Íši [ˈi.ʒi] D.L. Isi (borrowed)
O Ayōndui Īshi [ˈiː.ɕi] UB Íši (borrowed)

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