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A map of the Lukpanic coast (c. -500 YP). The location of Naəgbum is indicated.


Naəgbum is a city on the Lukpanic coast of western Peilaš, located to the north of Kpitamoa. It was the first Lukpanic city-state to be conquered by the Coastal Westerners when they moved into Lukpanic territory; the fall of the city to the Nugbunu Tlégè dates to -985 YP. In the following centuries, Naəgbum (now known as Nugbùn) became the center of the Coastal Western Ìletlégbàku culture, before it was overtaken in wealth and influence by the growing trade post of Pigbaye.


Language Name Pronunciation Etymology
Proto-Lukpanic Naəgbum [ˈnaə̯.ɡ͡bum] "new town"
Naəgbum Lukpanic Negwẽ [ˈnə.ɡʷə̃] ← PL Naəgbum
Kpitamoa Lukpanic Namũ [ˈna.mũ] ← PL Naəgbum
Isi Lukpanic Nabum [ˈna.bum] ← PL Naəgbum
Siŋmeasita Lukpanic Naggũ [ˈna.gːũ] ← PL Naəgbum
Ìletlégbàku Nugbùn [ˈnu.ɡ͡bʉ̤̀] ← N.L. Negwẽ (borrowed)
Doayâu Namù [ˈna.mù] ← Kp.L. Namũ (borrowed)
Ishoʻu ʻOhu Nabùmu [ˈna.bù.mu] ← I.L. Nabum (borrowed)

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