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A map of northeastern Peilaš. The location of Oltumosou is indicated.

• Oltumosou

Oltumosou is a city in Huyfárah. It is located at the mouth of the river Kučil, on the southern coast of the isthmus separating the Aiwa sphere from the Siixtaguna peninsula. The city was founded in Feråjin territory around -650 YP by a group of Fáralo from the Oltu valley, who were trying to evade the wars between Ussor and Sertek that were going on at the time. After several centuries as an independent city-state, Oltumosou was acquired by the ascending empire of Huyfárah in -167.


Language Name Pronunciation Etymology
Fáralo Oltumosou [ˈɔl.tu.mɔ.so] "new port"
Woltu Falla Woltumoso [wɔl.tuˈmɔ.so] F. Oltumosou
Cəssın Ultumosu [ˈul̪.t̪u.mo.zu] F. Oltumosou