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A map of northeastern Peilaš. The location of the Kučil river is indicated.

< Kučil

The Kučil is one of the major rivers of Huyfárah. Its source is in the Šišin mountains, on the isthmus separating the Aiwa sphere from the Siixtaguna peninsula. The river flows south to meet the sea at Oltumosou.

In ancient times, the Kučil was roughly the eastern limit of Feråjin territory.

Kučil is also the name of a province of classical Huyfárah centered on the Kučil valley.


Language Name Pronunciation Etymology
Fáralo Kučil [ˈku.ʧil] "fast"
Cəssın Kocəl [ˈko.ʈʌl] F. Kučil