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A map of northeastern Peilaš. The location of Sertek is indicated.

• Sertek

Sertek is one of the major cities of Huyfárah. It is located at the mouth of the river Poráš, on the southern coast of the isthmus separating the Aiwa sphere from the Siixtaguna peninsula. The city was founded in -762 YP by Fáralo merchants as a border stronghold in order to protect the Oltu valley from attacks by the Feråjin to the east. Throughout the centuries, Sertek was one of the most important cities of the empire, and it even became the main center of power in the period from 405–584 YP as the emperors relocated their court there (but the official capital, and the Senate, remained in Ussor).


Language Name Pronunciation Etymology
Faraghin Sertekh [ˈser.tex] "mighty sword"
Fáralo Sertek [ˈsɛɾ.tɛk] Far. Sertekh (borrowed)
Namɨdu Setek [ˈsɛ.tɛk] F. Sertek
Woltu Falla Šertek [ˈʃɛɾ.tɛk] F. Sertek
Cəssın Sacak [ˈsɑ.ʈɑk] F. Sertek