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cedh audmanh or simply Cedh.

Full languages:

Language sketches and other contributions:

I gave a presentation about the Akana project at the LCC4 conference in Groningen (NL) in May 2011 (together with TzirTzi).

My conlanging blog [+resonant] (active from 2011 until 2014)

Maintenance links

Conlang relay (relocated) (aka "The Cursed Relay")
 - Settlement patterns in the Peninsular/Xšali area
 - Ideas for Xšali culture, history, and cuisine
 - Tsinakan text in Komejech
 - Ideas for history in the Western sphere (partly outdated...)
 - Beginning of "North Wind & Sun" in Affanonic
 - Discussion about Canoe Culture etc.
 - Ideas for a timeline of the Isles migrations: 1 2 3
 - Ideas for a restructuring of the Isles family
 - Kennan profile, verb sketch 1, and verb sketch 2
 - A .ttf font for Radius' Ndak Script
 - Ideas for history of the Isthmus region
 - Ideas for Western history
 - Climate map discussion
 - Historical persons...
 - Tumačutu
 - Personal names in Woltu Falla
 - Derivation in Affanonic (ff: Isthmus history again, and the Affanon clan system!) 
 - Radius suggests a book about Akana
 - Copyright discussion
 - Reassessment of Núalís-Takuña homeland & possibly Ultimundic migration (+ff)
 - A poem in Namɨdu and Affanonic (and also in Vylessa)
 - Season names and kinship terms in Ndak Ta etc.
 - Geology discussion
 - New ideas about Lukpanic culture
 - Tjakori script...

Conlang Diachronics Relay II (now with schedule!)

Akana Conlang Relay 2011 (The Never Ending Relay)

Conlang Reconstruction Game 2014: we have a forum

Protolang Reconstruction Challenge (Akana)
The Devilcat's language family tree generator
A tutorial for drawing clothing styles