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A map of northeastern Peilaš. The location of the Rathedān is indicated.


The Rathedān is a region of moderate highlands with several high peaks which divides the floodplain of the Eigə from the great Xšali Empire to the south. The topography of the highland areas can be dramatic - with steep valleys and impressive mountain torrents and waterfalls. Upper valleys frequently end in a semicircle of steep cliffs, which are produced by glaciation. The higher peaks, several of which surpass 3500m above sea level, tend not to be snow-bound all year round, although this is not unknown.

All in all, the Rathedān presents a considerable barrier to trade and communication between north and south, and good passes (Adāta ) are few. Owing to this strategic location, to the relative fertility of the highlands compared to the rather drier plains below, and most of all due to an abundance of metal ores (mostly iron, copper, tin, and several precious metals), the inhabitants of the Rathedān have often played a vital role in the economy and politics of north-eastern Peilaš. The most notable of these cultures were the Gezoro around -2000 YP, and the Dāiadak of classical times, who founded the great Empire of Athalē that was to rule over most of the Eigə valley for more than half a millennium.


Autumn in a valley near Zophīs in the northern Rathedān.
Language Name Pronunciation Etymology
Ndak Ta Daing Emwel [dɐɪ̃ŋ ˈɛ̃m.wɛl] "western mountains"
Ndok Aisô O-Daig Êbôxel [oˈðajɡ ɛ̈.βɞˈʔel] NT Daing Emwel
Adāta Rathedān [ˈra.tʰe.daːn] NT Daing Rande "sky-mountains"
Fáralo Rasedán [ra.sɛˈdan] Ad. Rathedān (borrowed)
Buruya Nzaysa Dɛñəməl, Rasɛda [ˈdɛ.ɲə.məɫ], [ˈra.sɛ.da] NT Daing Emwel; F. Rasedán (borrowed)
Æðadĕ Ræðan [ˈræ.ðan] Ad. Rathedān
Aθáta Raθθán [raðˈðan] Ad. Rathedān
Pencek Rathán [ɾaˈˀtʰaːn] Ad. Rathedān
Mavakhalan Raþeðǫ [ˈra.θɛ.ðɔ̃] Ad. Rathedān
Ayāsthi Ràtşejāṅ [ˈɹɑ.ʧɛ.jɑ̃ː] Ad. Rathedān
Mešmo Koyʔōn Ałeyan [ˈɑ.ɬɛ.jɑn] Ad. Rathedān
Namɨdu Radzan [ˈɾa.dzan] Aθ. Raθθán or Æð. Ræðan (borrowed)
Puoni Rasadia [ra.sa.dja] F. Rasedán
Shtåså Lancend [lan.tʃend] ← Old Shtåså Landjedn ← Early Adāta *Randedān (borrowed)

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