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Period c. 1100 YP
Spoken in Kuaguatia
Total speakers c. 1 million
Writing system adapted
Ngauro script
Classification Edastean
Basic word order unknown
Morphology unknown
Alignment unknown
Created by Radius

Puoni is a language of the Fáralo branch of the Edastean family, spoken in the region of Kuaguatia (to the south of Kasca) around 1100 YP. The language is spoken by the Puoni people, originally a splinter group of Etúgə, whose branch in Huyfárah is represented by the Epɨm. The Puoni were driven out of Huyfárah during the reign of the Etou dynasty, and the story of their exodus has been a major source for the national identity of Kuaguatia.

A grammar of Puoni is not yet available.


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