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My main Akana conlangs are:

  • Ndak Ta, trunk of the Edastean family tree. NT is officially carved in stone - it will never be changed from how it is, except maybe to add vocab.
  • Naidda, my first love. Closest to completion of all my con-works.
  • Pencek, invented as a minor diversion, but nevertheless with a large lexicon. I am unlikely to do anything more with Pencek.
  • Puoni, my daughter of Fáralo, poised to make a comeback.
  • Tlaliolz, another toylang that gained wings, with a short but solid grammatical description. It may actually be my favorite conlang.
  • Jamna Kopiai - finally, a non-Edastean language! I've always wanted to try one someday. You know, I sorta figured... seeing as how many conlangers seem to expect that with a lot of synthesis they can get away with less syntax, and vice versa... that if I did a language with an awful lot of both, then maybe, maybe, it would begin to approach the sheer amount of machinery present in any real language. No lexicon is posted yet but sooner or later it will definitely happen.


  • Kennan, an Eastern Isthmus language and its associated culture. Project on indefinite hiatus.
  • A daughter of Mûtsipsa' in the Isles sphere. Project on indefinite hiatus.
  • Xšali, the imperial language of the southern empire - now featuring clicks and bizarre food! It is unlikely to get finished in the next two years, so if people get desperate for it I may open it up for others to work on.
  • Tlaliolz and Proto-Talo-Edastean need to be fleshed out sooner or later. I can say with certainty that this will actually happen, which is more than I can be sure of for some of my other languages.
  • I have another text and dictionary update for Naidda to put the finishing touches on. There is also an accompanying body of half-written cultural work for Kasca that needs to be finished. (These items are presently located on a dead hard drive and will not be showing up anytime soon. Anyone want to pay to have the data read directly from the drive plates? Didn't think so.)

Current Projects

  • After promising for four years to eventually return to Puoni, as of this writing I am now doing so, primarily working on its lexicon for now. Grammar may or may not appear with it. To fully develop the lexicon I will have to go on a tangent to finish that of Tlaliolz which will require its own tangent of cleaning up the Proto-Talo-Edastean material, so this may take some time. Present word count ~660, target word count 1500+.

My future in Akana

We all change over time. My involvement in Akana has waned over the last year, and my crystal ball is not forecasting any big changes to that trend. I anticipate that I will eventually retire from most conlanging and conworlding. At this point my Akana priorities are to clean up and finish off many of my own prior loose ends that I've left hanging, because coming up with new conlang ideas has gradually lost appeal and these days I'd rather have more material that's fit to show off among the projects I've previously begun.