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Period c. -500 to +300 YP
Spoken in Xšalad
Total speakers unknown
Writing system Xšali script
Classification  !Ho languages
Basic word order unknown
Morphology unknown
Alignment unknown
Created by Radius

Xšali is a language of the !Ho family spoken in the region of Xšalad along the southern coast of northeastern Peilaš.

The language was never described in detail, but the consonant inventory was as follows:

Pulmonic consonants:

labial dental lateral postalv. palatal velar glottal
plain stops p c k ʔ
aspirated stops
affricates ts
fricatives s ɬ ʃ h
implosives ɓ ɗ ʄ ɠ
nasals m n ɲ ŋ
approximants w r l j


dental lateral alveolar palatal
plain ǀ  ! ǂ
aspirated ǀh ‖h  !h ǂh
glottalised ǀ’ ‖’  !’ ǂ’
nasal ŋǀ ŋ‖ ŋ! ŋǂ

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