Timeline/Before -2000

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Before -4000

  • c. -8000–-7500: Second wave of migration to Tuysáfa: Arrival of the Mediundic peoples.
  • c. -7000: Domestication of the dog; development of pottery.
  • c. -7000–-6000: Mediundic peoples reach the eastern end of Tuysáfa.
  • c. -4300: Earliest copper artifacts (found near Buruya).
  • c. -4000: Canoe Culture reaches Sumarušuxi.
  • c. -4000: Domestication of cattle in the Bwimbai valley.

-4000 – -3000

  • c. -3800: Invention of bronze by the Ngauro.
  • c. -3500–-3000: Ultimundic peoples (presumably descended from the Canoe Culture) reach Tuysáfa.
  • c. -3200: Domestication of the horse by Western peoples.

-3000 – -2000

  • c. -3000: Western peoples spread northwards into the steppe.
  • c. -3000–-2500: Tuysáfa Fishing Culture.
  • c. -2800: Domestication of the goat in Isthmus territory.
  • c. -2500: Foundation of the Old Kingdom in the Yima valley (Xšalad).
  • c. -2400: Ngauro control the Aiwa valley as far as the Bwimbai, ruling over the southern Talo-Edasteans (pre-Ndak).
  • c. -2300: Ngauro rule declines. Ndak kingdom of Latsomo established; several Ndak-Ngauro wars follow.
  • c. -2200: Ndak conquer Kasadgad; Ndak Ta begins to replace Ngauro as the dominant spoken language of the Aiwa delta.
  • c. -2200: Gezoro develop iron metallurgy.
  • c. -2200–-2000: Ndak conquered once by northern hill tribes, twice by western nomads.
  • c. -2100: Xšali invade the Yima valley and destroy the Old Kingdom.