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The Mediundic languages are a phylum of languages on Tuysáfa. The name derives from the Theory of Three Waves, according to which most of the languages on the continent are descended from the language spoken by the second wave of humans who reached Tuysáfa. It is thought that these groups began arriving c. -8000 to -7500 and reached the east coast c. -7000 to -6000 YP, displacing many of the earlier Primundic languages along the way.

The languages that are identified as Mediundic form a few large stocks or families which dominate most of mainland Tuysáfa.

Mediundic languages and language families

Based on certain similarities in grammar, pronouns, and numerals, it has been proposed that several of the above language families (namely Wendoth, Mbingmik, Ronquian, Leic, and Dumic) might form a large macro-family within Mediundic. The evidence has not yet been evaluated in detail though.