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The Primundic languages are those believed to be descended from the language (or languages) of the earliest inhabitants of Tuysáfa. The name derives from the Theory of Three Waves, according to which the first wave of migration reached Tuysáfa by about -15000 YP. Due to this immense depth of time, it is not possible to reconstruct a common ancestor for the Primundic languages, nor even to prove that they are genetically related; the problem is compounded by the very sparse attestation of the ancient Primundic languages.

Most languages in Tuysáfa which are considered to belong to the Primundic grouping are either isolates or belong to relatively small families that cannot be linked to any of the Mediundic language stocks. They are believed to predate the latter, partly because of their considerable diversity, and also because of some very old borrowings in the Mediundic language families.

In Tuysáfa proper, the surviving Primundic languages are mostly quite peripheral; almost all the major languages belong instead to the Mediundic grouping. However, the Anatolionesian family is considered to be Primundic.

In contrast to this, the neighbouring continent of Zeluzhia, which was first populated by presumably Primundic-speaking settlers as early as -14000 YP, is still mostly dominated by language families thought to belong to the Primundic phylum.

Primundic languages and language families

In Tuysáfa:

In Zeluzhia: