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A map of Zeluzhia and surrounding continents.




Zeluzhia is a large continent in the world of Akana. It is located mainly in the Southern Hemisphere, south of Tuysáfa. It is separated from Antarctica by a small, island-filled sea.

A large, high mountain range, formed by the collision of the Western Zeluzhia plates with the Eastern Zeluzhia Plate, runs north to south through the southeastern part of the continent. The far north is also mountainous. Most of Zeluzhia is tropical savannah and grasslands; the equatorial regions, and much of the east coast, are covered by rainforest. There are small areas of desert and scrubland in the north and the southwest, and the far south is temperate.

Zeluzhia was populated at some point between -14000 and -12000 YP by paleolithic hunter-gatherers belonging to the first wave of human settlement of Tuysáfa. Accordingly, most of the indigenous language families of Zeluzhia are considered to belong to the Primundic phylum. A couple of Mediundic and Ultimundic languages are spoken in Zeluzhia as well, but these arrived much later, being clearly related to languages spoken elsewhere.

The word Zeluzhia is derived from Zeluzh, the name of a kingdom in the northwestern part of the continent, because Zeluzh was the first nation of Zeluzhia contacted by the great nations of Peilaš.


Language Name Pronunciation Source
Jamna Kopiai Hioah [ˈhɪ.wah] "everyone", "the world"
Zele Tsashagimi [tsaˈʃa.ɡi.mi] PI ta sákimi, "great South"
Wippwo Saγãi ['sa.ɣãj] <-- reflex of Tsashagimi