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Old information.
Old information.
The contents of this article are heavily out of date.
If you want to know about the current state of affairs, you can ask at the talk page or at the #akana IRC channel.

This page is intended to give an overview on who has been working on which area in which time period, so that newcomers (and everyone else) can easily find out whom to ask for specific information. Most of the people in charge of "exclusive" domains are in fact open for suggestions regarding this or that aspect of their domain, and most general decisions regarding the world as a whole or several regions at once are made via group discussion in the Cursed Relay Thread at the ZBB anyway. Please note also that not all of the participants listed here might be active at the moment, and that this list may be slightly out of date.

Collaborative domains

Locale Region Period State Family Language Coordinator
Rathedān and nearby Rathedān -170 – 1000 YP Empire of Athalē Edastean (Adāta) Imperial Adāta etc. Dewrad and Radius Solis
Lasomo and environs Lasomo -2000 – 280 YP Empire of Athalē, Huyfárah, and others Edastean Ndok Aisô etc. boy #12
Continental Map Peilaš Cedh

Exclusive domains

Locale Region Period Ethnic group or state Family Language Master
(unnamed) Far West -4000 YP – ??  ? Western Proto-Western Dewrad
Kasca Kasca  ?? – -2000 YP Ngauro Eigə-Isthmus Ngauro, Proto-Miwan Corumayas
Kasca Kasca -2000 – 130 YP  ? (southern) and Huyfárah (northern) Edastean (Naidda) Naidda Radius Solis
Kasca Kasca 130 YP – ?? "The Stinking Mud" (Naidda Wï'makwå) Edastean (Naidda) Wippwo zompist
Huyfárah East Coast -2000 – 130 YP Faraghin tribes → Huyfárah Edastean (Fáralo) Fáralo zompist
Huyfárah East Coast 130 – 1100 YP Late Huyfárah → Post-Huyfárah states Edastean (Fáralo) Namɨdu boy #12
Kuaguatia Kasca 130 – 1000 YP (various baronies) Edastean (Fáralo) Puoni Radius Solis
Şepamã Kasca/Mrisaŋfa 0 – 1600 YP Pirikõsu; Fáralo (colony) Hitatc Pirikõsu Cedh
Mrisaŋfa Mrisaŋfa  ? Proto-Peninsular Peninsular Proto-Peninsular Zhen Lin
Milīr valley Milīr -3000 – 230 YP (various nomadic tribes) Hitatc Wan-Mlir languages Cedh
Xōron Eiel Xōron Eiel -3000 – 330 YP Habeo Xoronic Proto-XoronicHabeo Pocketful of Songs
Lower Xōron Xōron Eiel 330 – 1100 YP Habeo → Dāiadak XoronicEdastean (Adāta) Habeo → ?? Cedh
Rathedān Rathedān -2000 – 170 YP Gezoro → Dāiadak WesternEdastean GezoroAdāta Dewrad
Khalanu Rathedān 130 – 800 YP Empire of Athalē → Khalan Edastean (Adāta) Mavakhalan Zhen Lin
Thāras Rathedān 130 – 1600 YP Empire of AthalēKingdom of Thāras Edastean (Adāta) Ayāsthi Zhen Lin
Lesan Far East 2500 – 3700 YP Teragashima (colony of Ōmishima) → Lesan Edastean (Adāta) Erhadzy Zhen Lin
Siixtaguna Siixtaguna -?? – -500 YP Núalís-Takuña Núalís-Takuña Proto-Núalís-Takuña → ?? TzirTzi
Fmana-hŋ-Talam Ocean/Central -500 – ?? YP Peninsular → Part of Huyfárah → Independent State Peninsular, Edastean (Fáralo)  ?? Weldingfish