Timeline/-2000 to -1000

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-2000 – -1000

  • c. -2000: Ndak expel foreign rulers; Akan dynasty rises in Kasadgad.
  • -1942–-1915: Reign of Terakan—strong expansion of Ndak.
  • -1915–-1889: Reign of Tsinakan—height of ancient Kasadgad and fullest extent of the Ndak Empire.
  • c. -1800: Small "walled town" city-states develop on the Doroh-Lotoka coast, partly due to trade contacts with the Ndak.
  • c. -1700: Hitatc invasion of the Aiwa valley above Latsomo. Antagg are at their height.
  • c. -1600–-1500: Isles speakers begin migrating from Tuysáfa to islands.
  • c. -1600: Antagg state has disintegrated.
  • c. -1400: The Feråjin push east at the same time, displacing the Doroh from the Čisse area.
  • c. -1400: Hitatc have expanded downriver into Latsomo, and upriver into the Eiwəl Gourun.
  • c. -1350–-1200: Doroh destroy most of the "walled town" city-states.
  • -1310: Faraghin break into multiple baronies.
  • c. -1300: 1st Xšali Empire breaks down; the "Period of Warring Kingdoms" follows.
  • c. -1300–-1000: Height of the Lukpanic city-states.
  • -1258: Temporary Ndak reconquest of lower Aiwa and Oltu valleys.
  • c. -1230: Ndak stop maintaining their canal; it gradually fills with silt and becomes just another shallow river channel.
  • -1202: Major hurricane destroys coastal Kasadgad cities, sending it into permanent decline.
  • c. -1200: The native inhabitants of the High Gourun, the Habeo, have invented the saddle, and have unified into a small nomad empire.
  • -1170: Faraghin regain control of the Oltu.
  • c. -1100–-900: The Meshi, now with stirrups and saddles, and probably better horses than the Habeo, are ejected by the Habeo and travel east. They come to dominate the entire Aiwa valley.