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kıeta kı·Tumetıęk

[ˈcʰɛ.tɑ cʰɪ.tʊ.mɛˈtĩ̯ɛ̃k]
Period c. 0 YP
Spoken in northern Wohata plain
Total speakers 150,000 ~ 200,000
Writing system unknown
Classification T1 languages
Basic word order SVO
Morphology agglutinative/fusional
Alignment NOM-ACC
Created by Click, with help from Cedh

Tumetıęk was a language spoken in the northern reaches of Wohata plain in eastern Tuysáfa around 0 YP. It is part of the T1 language family, and thus related to Asséta, Cednìtıt, Early North, East and West Yalan, Hkətl’ohnim, Omari, Tari, Teyetáti and Tkeḏ.

Its speakers called their language Tumetıęk, an abbreviated form of kıeta kı·Tumetıęk – “the language of the Newcomers.”

As corroborated by archeologists, the name of the language opens a window into the region’s early history: the demonym Tumetıę “the Newcomers” dates to the time when Tumetıęk speakers were settling the northern Wohata plain. There, they encountered the Omari, who called them tomeč, their word for “new”. This exonym quickly took on among the new people who borrowed it as tumet. As it now referred to a people, it got turned into a noun, completing the process of lexical adaptation.

A short reference grammar and a lexicon have been published on Tumetıęk.