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To Be Continued...
Caleone is still working on this article. The contents are incomplete and likely to undergo changes.
Asséta, Nučete Assetatę
[a.ˈsːe.ta], [nu.ˈtɕe.te a.sːe.ˈta.tẽ]
Period c. 0 YP
Spoken in Northwestern Tuysáfa,
Northeastern Bay, the Heneššéme Basin
Total speakers unknown
Writing system unknown
Classification T1 languages
  Northeastern Bay
Basic word order V2
Morphology Largely Fusional with some Synthetic Elements
Alignment NOM-ACC
Created by Caleone

Asséta is a language spoken around 0 YP in the Heneššéme Basin region by the Zorevútan peoples, descendants of the Ḏoarevutan peoples who evolved along the coastlines of the Northeastern Bay and a descendant of the Northeastern Bay Language. As such this language is related to the other T1 languages including West Yalan, East Yalan, Omari, Teyetáti, Hkətl’ohnim, and Tumetıęk.



front back
high i ĩ u ũ
mid e ẽ o õ
mid-low ɛ ɛ̃ ɔ ɔ̃
low a ã
  • /ɛ ɔ/ are transcribed ê ô
  • Nasal vowels are written with an ogonek, e.g. /ẽ ɛ̃/ = ę ę̂


Asséta contains a fairly large consonant inventory with distinctions between geminate, voiceless and voiced consonants, where all nasals, plosives and fricatives can be geminated.

labial alveolar palatal retroflex velar glottal
nasal m n ɲ ɳ ŋ
plosive p b t d ʈ ɖ k ɡ
fricative f v s z ɕ ʑ ʂ ʐ h
affricate ts dz tɕ dʑ ʈʂ ɖʐ
liquid l ɻ ɭ
glide w j
  • /ɲ ɳ ŋ/ are transcribed ñ ṇ ng
  • /ʈ ɖ/ are transcribed ṭ ḍ
  • /ts dz tɕ dʑ ʈʂ ɖʐ/ are transcribed c x č j c̣ x̣
  • /ɕ ʑ s ʐ/ are transcribed š ž ṣ ẓ
  • /ɻ ɭ j/ are transcribed r ł y
  • geminate consonants are written doubled, e.g. /tː/ = tt