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This page represents an archived state of the Akana project as it existed in late 2005.
This page represents an archived state of the Akana project as it existed in late 2005.
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Map of the planet

In 2005 Legion had a brilliant idea: he challenged the members of the ZBB to create a proto-language and a set of daughter languages, and then have people try to reconstruct the proto-language from the daughters only. Two teams were organized; Ran created Proto-Isles for the first team, and Radius created Ndak Ta for the second.

No name was given to the planet at the time. I called it “Ranradius” for awhile. Kečǽnə [kɛˈʧæ.nə] is the Fáralo name; the wimpier Adāta name Akana is also used. We still need a name from Team One.

It was mostly my (Zompist’s) pushing that put both teams on the same planet. The major effect was through my nation, Huyfárah, which serves as a sort of linguistic/cultural bottleneck between the Ndak and Proto-Isles spheres. Huyfárah adapted the religion of Siixtaguna, created by Rory, which resulted in some two-way lexical borrowing.

After a hiatus, work on the languages continued with an impressive collection of descendants of Adāta, and then more general work.

Team One

Team One’s work started with Proto-Isles, the protolanguage worked out by Ran. Its original area is not (yet) known, except that it’s in a region of many islands. The daughter languages, their nations, and their creators:

Team Two

Team Two’s protolanguage was Ndak Ta, created by Radius; its homeland was the Aiwa valley, in the center of the map. Ndak Ta was the language of the ancient Ndak empire; but in modern times the most powerful nation is Huyfárah, to the north.