The Ndok are the modern inhabitants of Ax˘ltseubeu, also called LaÜumu. In the past, Ax˘ltseubeu was the original home of the Edßk (the name derives from "motherland"), before they conquered Kazəgad (Ndok Ais˘ Ah˘sohod). Because of their historical connection to the original Edßk, the Ndok frequently claim that they are the only true Edßk, or that they are more pure then the others, whereas people such as the Fßralo and the Dāiadak have let too much corrupting foreign influences into their languages and cultures. They have developed a strong prescriptivist tradition that attempts to remove any foreign words in their language (with enough success that very few loanwords are used in everyday speech)

The region of Ax˘ltseubeu is divided into quite a few smaller kingdoms, which all will claim that they have a central unifying culture. This is probably an exageration, but there is a large amount of similarity between them, at least in the more central portions of Ax˘ltseubeu. The most important kingdoms are those of Oigop'oibauxeu (BoÝəba) and Ngahŕx˘ldod (EnčÚlade), named after their capital cities.

The religion of the Ndok stresses the worship of a huge pantheon of gods, with special emphasis on four more powerful ones: Oveuseu, the mother godess, Tsw˘r, the moon, Ais˘l, the sun, and Itsdehad, the great king (SiənčŠn). Oig˘k'oiseu, an annual festival, is held in honor of these gods. Kings are added to the pantheon of gods upon taking the throne, so the current king of the region is also frequently honored at Oig˘k'oiseu. They believe that the EdÓk people who have changed their religion significantly are heretics, and will eventually be crushed when the gods decide the time is right to return them to their former glory.

Whether this will ever happen is pretty hard to say, but it doesn't seem too likely, as the Ndok have declined in military power quite a bit, and the Dāiadak and the Fßralo are probably a lot more powerful.

Note: The language has merged both final d and t to a glottal stop, usually written as x, so word finally either t, d, or x can be used to represent it, and they all tend to be used pretty much interchangeably. I have stuck mostly to t, but in the culture notes I used d.

Ndok Aisô Meaning
aheu air, wind mass
adauxeu empty, hungry, n famine, drought
afoi root, anchor
agauxeu malevolent action from the gods, curse; war
ahôbaiwô tongue, v taste
ahoit sculpture
aibôheu back
aibôrbeu wheat mass.
aibôsoi horn, something pointy, v stab
aideu hair mass.
aidôseu goddess
aifôt private room, island
aifôdi small plant
aisô food mass.
aisôt hand, v take
aisôfauxeu horn, anything pointy
aisôl the god of the sun, personification of the sun
aitsôg elbow, knee, connection, joint
aitsôzeu fall, collapse (as in the building collapsed) mass. snow is aitsôddeu auxeusoi (cold powder)
aivoi poor person
aizeu corpses, remains, death mass, considered taboo, rarely used
alêwauxeu word
alêwauxeutsai poetry
alhoit bone, stick, dead, lacking life
arôb feather
arzoi sky
auk'eudeu any small mammel
auseu river
ausgauwê water, blood mass.
autsêlô spear
auxeuelhoi ornament, decoration
auxeusob friend that is male
baveur strength mass.
botsn stick, branch, twig
daig mountain, hill, incline, anything sloped, obstacle, wall, barrier
dîfeu child, grandchild, immature animal
divexoi fat mass.
ebleu north mass.
ehoit ear, v hear
ek'oi road, path, trail, street
ek'oiarôt semiarid land
ep'oilauxeu farmland mass.
es'oi coast
esaub any long, narrow, object
eseuxoi night, darkness
et'oi bucket or bottle filled with water, small pond
eubai lake
eubeu mother
eubexoi sister
eudau noble
eudauxeu glass mass.
eudêxeheu ruler, king, queen
euldexoi eye; a weak spot, v see
euleu fire, heat, warmth mass
eusêseu any small insect
euseu woman, wife
eusoiseugît alloy mass
euspok status symbol, cloths worn by rulers
eutsêlau tooth, fang
gat knife
gîfeu hatred, anger; amputated limb
got'awô bark, wood mass.
ibauxeu name, symbol, sign, letter, v call
iboi head, top, summit v think, climb
îbwwôl west mass.
îfeu plain, field, open flat area mass.
îheu animal (includes insects and aquatic life)
îheu finger, v point
îtstseu any insect
iveu month, moon
izoig sea
kîdalô scholar
kjêl barley mass.
kok edge, border, any blade
lauxeu bird
mabarô containers, jars, houses, shellfish mass.
maibôp music mass.
maibôsauxeu seed, source, origin
maisa cows milk
maufê chair, throne, v sit in/on
mehoit worm, insect, any small creature that is not a mammal
meus large city
mîfalô rain, fog mass.
mjarkot brother, cousin; ally; something similar to something else
mob mouth, v speak, eat
moibôsboi any soft part on an animal, stomache; anything soft, bedding
moifôrdib heretic, one who opposes the mainstream religion
moigoit father
mop'esaiwô fish any seafood, not the living animal, which is îheu
mpaip'aja breast
nairhauxeu friend that is female
naut'eu something tall
neheu god
neheueskaibjal soothsaying mass.
neualôxarôr horse
neuseu east mass.
ngadoi channel, strait (both bodies of water)
ngaigôl foot, foundation, basis, v walk, build
ngeuxoi skin, fur, cloth
ngîveu toe, any bits at the bottom of something
ngmôldeu human being, person
ngoses slave, captive, prisoner, v enslave, capture
nîgeu tree, leaf
nivoi mercy mass.
nok'oi stolen goods mass.
ntaug trees mass.
ntizeu metal
ntizeueskaibjal metallurgy
ohêrteu day mass. refers only to daytime. To measure a number of days, use "nights", iswau
ohôrhoi goat
ohôt fingernail, claw
oidôveu an oder
oifôba smoke, steam mass
oifôgaiwô nose, v smell
oigôk'oigexoitsoi birthright, inheritance, compound of oigok’oi and gexoitsoi
oigôk'oiseu A specific annual festival
oigôt star, light, light source, adj divine
oigôxeskaibjal astronomy, theology mass.
oilaiwô rope, snake, vine, string
oisôseu mouse
ok'ebarô clothing, wool
olhet year, long period of time (can be relatively short, say a few minutes, if the speaker thinks the time should be shorter)
ôlts country, nation, land, region
op'ajêlboi sandstone mass
op'erhauxeu leg, arm, wing, tail
op'ûs wheel, circle, round, ox, cow
opweu fruit, meal
Oveuseu Mother Goddess
pop large sheet of metal
raug plain
roit man, husband
roizok priest (compound of rud (man) + naka (god))
sib cloud, sheep
tab south mass.
taizeu shield, shelter
tihexoi stone mass, ice is tihexoi auxeusoi (and not mass)
tses dog
tswôr the god of the moon, personification of the moon
ubais neighbor, friend
waisbeu swamp, dirt, mud mass.
wot vegetable, a portion of the plant, other then fruits or seeds, that is eaten
wodeskaibjal herb, useful plant mass.
wôlteu storm mass.
wôrgoit craftsman

ngoses enslave, capture, n slave, captive, prisoner
aisôt take, n hand erg.
mob speak, talk, eat, n mouth
îheu point, n finger erg.
ngaigôl walk, build, n foot, foundation, basis
ehoit hear, v ear
posteu attack, pick or provoke a fight
ohôt'oi bite, chew, break, cut erg.
oidtseu blow
nîzab live, breath erg. intr.
meuoskeu celebrate, party, have a good time, n festival, feast intr.
euseu come, go, move, send intr.
meuzoi administer, count, measure, rule erg.
ngmôrdeu use a knife on
aisôfes defeat, conquer, pwn
aibreu kill, judge, punish
neuts die erg. intr.
ots dig, begin building erg.
sob drink, swallow erg.
oisô understand erg.
îzoi fall, collapse (as in the building collapsed) intr. erg.
pahu fear erg.
dos wage a war against
ntaitsn float intr.
olhêl sail, travel over water, flow (but only in the context of a river) intr.
wôldeueu fly
gexoitsoi give
mois grow, cultivate, farm erg.
iboi think, climb, n head, top, summit
abarê have, possess
arseu listen carefully erg.
aiwôfeu hit, injure
moibôdauwê hold
daisbeug hunt, chase erg.
oitsôrteur insult, burn
îhoi kill
mot'awô know, understand
ngageu laugh loudly, shout intr.
bwôl lie erg. intr.
tsit like, consume food
erhoialô love
oiveu play, any non-serious action intr. erg.
îheu push or pull
moigôwhoi annoy, bother
biveu rub erg.
eurtoi run
meubê converse with, have a conversation with
aigarn scratch, cut
ideu read erg.
esbeu sew
aisog project something from a point (eg shine, spray) erg.
mihoit growl; pray
maufê sit in/on, n chair, throne
ngeuseu sleep, relax, be secret, hidden erg.
oifôgaiwô nose, v smell
auboi spit
eulît split erg.
eurgeu squeeze, push
aibôsoi stab n horn, something pointy
azoi stand intr.
ngmôlauwê suck
navaip'aja swell, grow, become large or powerful intr. erg.
îvoir swim
oisoil learn about, study, read
ngmai trust, believe, have faith in
kaik throw
ivauxeu tie, hinder, delay erg.
îb turn
kîg travel intr.
tsaig wash, remove erg.
ngîzoi wipe, scrape erg.
ahôbaiwô taste, n tongue
euldexoi see, n eye; a weak spot,
oigôk'oigeur honor, respect
aspob lift, call to erg.
mauk protest against, complain about, challenge erg.
euba commit crime intr.
aidauxeu need, require
ait cause to grow erg.
oxet'ohê keep, hoard, collect erg.
auxeutsoi promise
wôlpexoi make, create erg.
oxûlbeu copy an idea, borrow a word from another language
exoiseu sacrifice
baveu fail
azauxeu dedicate to, worship
baispeu do bad things to for no justifiable reason erg.
îdazeu be happy intr. erg.
jarbeu rest, calm down intr.
aigôhauxeu shatter, destroy, annihilate
ihoit use erg.
ibaldeu loose power or influence, flood intr.
espoi physically experience, feel intr. erg.
aivoi eat, used when it must be distinguished from speak or talk
îzexoi ask a question, inquire, accuse, blaim
ohôbai remember, repair
alêwôlpexoi write a short note
ilboi laugh quietly
alôlbexoi visit, rape
travel, live in a foreign land erg. intr.
mîleu come to comprehend, come to understand
mpaib cry intr.
naudê touch
ngoigôheu deceive, compel or influence to do something wrong, corrupt
naisô stop
aifôfexoi name, quote, imitate
pîseu mess up something (only used in first person)
eufêlauxeu send erg.
arzjal panic, hurry erg.
arôxaiwô play a musical instrument erg.
aitsôbeu control, influence, suggest erg.
oialô rise intr.
oilaiwô feel an emotion erg.
oisauxeu make fun of, annoy, trick for entertainment intr.
aiwôfeu remember, dream
wohoi convict of a crime, sentence

auxeusoi adj cold freeze is auxeusoi aitô
aus'eusoig left, west
eudab right (direction), east
geb bad, evil, incompetant, corrupt, n infidel, antagonist, heathen
jêlbeu beautiful, made of wood, board, table, flat surface
aup'eu strong, powerful, big, black
aus'eu blue, wet, fragile
aufêxôrs brave, valiant, courageous
ngoifeu called
jalgoi containing right angles
lîtsexoi winter
axôlsoi correct, purple
ahexoi not containing right angles
naidôgoit dirty
ok'ût dull
adauxeu empty, hungry, n famine, drought
mpog far
aus'eu foreign, alien, inscrutable
ngaiwôlai full
auxeuaiwô good, skilled, talented
oxûspeu green, ugly, poorly designed
giheu hard
ngmôraiwôb slow
et'oisit dangerous, forbidden, taboo, holy
sjalkeut hostile
aifoxep fast (in a short time)
lôrbauxeu long
mexoiarô thin, narrow, stupid
oitsôts near
eulteu fast (as in movement), new, orange, dry
aseu old, wise
ndaut pure, clean, good
isbwauxeu rotten, smelling bad
bog rough
ohôp'oi round
ngivoi causing pain
mbaur short
navab small
noiauwê smooth
autskeu soft
ehoit plain, boring
ngobarô heavy
auseut light, not heavy
okloi interesting
et'oiwauxeu white, colorless, secret hide is et'oiwauxeu aisô
tîseu wide, thick, intelligent
oisôbeu wrong, red
oilbauxeu yellow, warm
oigôk’oi divinely sanctioned, mandated by the gods
ngexoiarô old, obsolete, no longer useful
aheu violent, bloodthirsty
meualn awake, alert, in control
nabeuweu brown, angry
aiwôxek calm
auxeueu most important
oidoi cruel, mean
bot cultured
kjalkeu apparently dangerous, but not really
eufoi deep, should be avoided
aigôseu difficult, sad, unhappy
eufêwwôl early
exoibeu happy, easy
algag familiar
aus'eu female
ahôxalô weird, strange
meubêbeu guilty
aigôb high, elevated, funny, humorous
aufêhoit last, final
mets late
pib low, boring
sib important, powerful
aidôdeu male
îheu mystical, spiritual
oxûrdoi unclear, obscured, obfiscated
mbeskeu necessary
mbaisteu ordered, organized
aktsoib of the leaders, kings
ohôt'eu ready
pwôlbaveu something widely known, common fact
nab sick
moisbes not wise, not a genius
moispî showing poor judgement
mugarô impossible
eudêsexoi common, normal, gray

ôln a little
ep'oi repeatedly
ohôt'oisoi apart
ngaiwôg backward
mep'oi because of
aideu in lower areas
arôlw forward
ntsaz greatly
isaig in favor of
rawob incompetently, evilly, malevolently
arfît instead of
kop'awô last year
maup'eu leftward
ahoit sparsely, hardly
noxesgauxeu pointlessly
moibôgoit recently
gut rightward
et'oidoi somewhat
oigu soon
ot'et this year
mag now
oitsôreu tomorrow
ot'eb together
ngauk'eu upward
ngmôl very
euud well, as in did well
exoiseu not now
eufêwwôl yesterday
aisô dynamic or causitive particle