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Qedik is the daughter language from Ndak Ta created by Space Dracula. It was never finished. The text below is a verbatim copy-and-paste of Space Dracula's summary of everything he did with Qedik.

I/me/we/us = hehek (lunggol?ki; my feet) 
he/him/she/her/them = heheki (lunggol?ka; his feet) 
you = heheg'u (lunggol?gdo) 
the = h(u)- 
thus = xiuf (in this way) 
to speak = beqzi (to punish the wife; bespinetrai > beqzi) 
Tsinakan = Feke 
mighty = xizi (great, noble; peras) 
king = (x/f)izud (big man; (lu)pairud) 
GEN = xu (wau) 
land/nation = zudiq (borrowed from substrate language) 
brother = mizkiq (merk?t) 
sun = fiqu (paitol; big light) 
moon = zibdu (borrowed from substrate) 
and = ? 
before = ig'i (isla) 
that/who = zif (raits) 
throne = uxik (osp?k) 
father = ƒgizbi (borrowed) 
sat = mpi (mpen) 
on = -ub (ob) CLITIC 
my = ki- (?ki-) 
his = eki- (?ka-) 
your = eg'u- (?gdog-) 
foreign = zukzi (borrowed) 
hostile = hixqu (selkon) 
were = ? 
neighbor(ing) = ximi (wim?s) 
(the) past = mpig'u (mpagau; the far road) 
death = edi (ainda; ashes) 
conquer = ibzi (ebri; destroy) 
God = zedizud (randerud; sky-man) 
become = azbab (borrowed) 
then = fifu (tsitsau) 
but = di (dal) 
AGT = -bu (-bu) 
child = budgu (borrowed) 
now = xifu (waitsau) 
when = nebu (nambau; sometime) 
to go = keg (keng; to walk) 
feast = xiqu (paitu; big-eat) 
Mother Goddess = Xizedihi (big-sky-woman) 
goddess = zedihi (sky-woman) 
to honor religiously = mixqu (miasko; to party) 
to lift, elevate = fexib' (s?pabm) 
hand = fifki (borrowed) 
mother = mizbi (borrowed) 
shine(ing), shimmering = ixqeg (ept?g) 
vocative = zug'i- (raula-) 
star = bxi (bwai) 
light = qu (tol) 
to call = fifu (papau) 
to insult = kxi (kwain; bite) 
border = qim (borrowed) 
holy = niki (naka; god) 
infidel/heathen = mpungi (borrowed) 

Thus speaks Tsinakan, the great king, king of the land of Kasadgad, brother to the sun and moon. 

Fe.hu.fizud xizi.d, Feke xiuf beqzi, zudiq xu Kifig'id xu fe.fizud, fe.hu.fiqu fe.hu.zibdu xu mizkiq 
AGR-the-king great-AGR, Tsinakan thus spoke, land of Kasadkad of AGR-king, AGR-the-sun AGR-the-moon of brother 

Thus speaks Tsinakan = Feke xiuf beqzi 
the great king = fehufizud xizi.d 
king of the land of Kasadgad = zudiq xu Kifig'id xu fexizud ( 
brother of the sun and moon = fehufiqu fehuzibdu xu humizkiq (AGR-the-sun AGR-the-moon of the-brother) 

Before I sat on the throne of my father = zif hehek kiƒgizbi xu huxikub mpi ig'i (that I my-father GEN the-throne-on sat 

all the foreign countries were hostile to me = hehek ig'i ixi zukziq huzudiq hixqu (me to all foreign countries hostile) 

Before I sat on the throne of my father, all the foreign countries were hostile to me. 
that I my-father the-throne-on before sat, me to all foreign the-country hostile 
zif hehek ke.ƒgizbi xu hu.xik.ub ig'i mpi, hehek ig'i ixi zukzi.q hu.zudiq hixqu 

The neighboring foreign countries spoke thus : "his father was a valiant king. He had conquered enemy countries. Then he 

became a god. But the one who now sits on the throne of his father is a child." 

The neighboring foreign countries spoke thus = ximiq zukziq huzudiq xiuf beqzi 
his father was (before death) a valiant king = ekiƒgizbi eda ig'i xizid xizud 
He had conquered enemy countries = heheki zukziq zudiq ibzi 
Then he became a god = heheki zedizud fifu azbab 
But the one who now sits on the throne of his father is a child = di humpibu ƒgizbi xu uxikub xifu budgu 

Ximiq zukziq huzudiq xiuf beqzi: "Ekiƒgizbi eda ig'i xizid xizud.  Heheki zukziq zudiq ibzi.  Heheki zedizud fifu azbab.  Di 

humpibu ƒgizbi xu uxikub xifu budgu!" 

When I, as the brother of Sun and Moon, on the throne of father of me sat, even before went I to the countries foreign that 

were hostile to me, went I to the feasts of the Mother Goddess = Nebu hehek, he.hu.fiqu he.hu.zibdu xu hu.mizkiq, ki.ƒgizbi 

xu hu.xik.ub mpi, q.ig'i hehek zukzi.q hixqu.q hu.zudiq ig'i keg, hehek Xizedihi xu hu.xiqu ig'i keg. 

Nebu hehek, hehufiqu hehuzibdu xu humizkiq, kiƒgizbi xu huxikub mpi, qig'i hehek zukziq hixquq huzudiq ig'i keg, hehek 

Xizedihi xu huxiqu ig'i keg. 

I celebrated them and I lifted my hand toward the shining mother. I spoke thus: = hehek heheki mixqu, hehek kififki ixqegbi 

humizbi ig'i fexib'.  Hehek xiuf beqzi: 

O my mistress, light of the stars, the neighboring countries who called me 'a child' have belittled me. = Zug'i.ki.zedihi! 

bxi xu ze.qu: zif budgu fifu ximi.q hu.zudiq hehek kxi. 

Then, they started to attack the borders of your holy land, my mistress! = Zug'i.ki.zedihi! Fifu heheki niki.q eg'u.zudiq xu 


Conquer the heathen! = Heheg'u humpungi ibzi.g'e! 

The mother goddess heard the words of my mouth. 

l > K > S 
sS > S 
r > Z 
St > st 
Sts > st 
Sk > xk 
Skw > xkw 
Sp > p\p 
Sd > zd 
Sg > Gg 
Sb > Bb 
Sbw > Bbw 
S > j / [i,e,E~]_ 
S > j / _[i,e,E~] 
j > J\ 
S > X 
J\ > g 
p\ > ? / p\p 
p > w 
Vmb > V~b 
Vnd > V~d 
VNg > V~g 
zdV~ > ntSV 
GgV~ > NkxV 
BbV~ > mpp\V 
BbwV~ > mpp\V 
o > u 
au > u 
a > { 
ts > s 
zd > t_> / _",  "_ 
Gg > k_> / _",  "_ 
Bbw > p_> / _",  "_ 
Bbw > p_> / _",  "_ 
bm= > b_< 
dn= > d_< 
gN= > g_< 
mb > mp 
nd > nt 
Ng > Nk 
CI > I (delete  consonants before implosives) 
{ > i 
e > i 
ai > i 
t > q 
k > q / _u, u_ 
ini > @~ 
@~nV > @~ 
Vn@~ > @~ 
s > p\ / _", "_ 
h > h\ 
s > h 
X > h 
x > h\ 
w > <\ 
h\ > <\ 
h > ? / _# 
n > ? / _# 
g_< > >\_< 
g > g_< 
V~ > @~ 
V~V > V~ 
V: > V 
g_< > g / _# 

Grammar changes 

- Loss of number distinction -- collapses to singular except for mass nouns 
- Distinction between count and mass grammatically 
- Incorporation of articles and demostratives 
- Loss of pronouns; new set is created using "foot" + possessives. 
- Possessives prefix 
- Moods become final clitics 
- Syntax magic 
- Heavy use of complements and clitics 
- Unaccusative verbs (with complements) 
- Serial verbs 
- Semantic restrictions on verbs 
- Syntactic mass/count distinction 
- Copula disappears altogether 
- Preposition collapse 
   - Genitive and benefactive collapse to wau 
   - Manner and essive collapse to ngu 
   - Usage of ngu in apposatives disappears 
   - Compositive disappears: counter words instead 
   - The rest (kwen, al, puk) become suffixes 
   - Inessive and ilative collapse to anda 
   - Ablative and elative collapse to sa 
   - The others stay, and become postpositional; PPs precede 
   - Some become clitics: ob becomes -ub 
- Word order for clauses: SOV. 
- Nominal phrases (count): P R M D-Ag-G-N (P = p-phrase; R = relative clauses; M = modifiers; Ag = agreement) 
- Nominal phrases (mass) : P M D-Ag-G-N R 
- Verbal: P R M V 
- Apposatives agree with their referents by reduplicating the first syllable of the referent on the apposative's head 
- Articles reduce to just definite and unmarked 
- Genitive wau splits in two: as a particle, possessive.  Affixed, topic marker / vocative. 
- Topic-comment structure as such: Dog-TOP bone eat. = The dog, his bone was eaten. 
- Adjectives agree with their heads by suffixing the head's last C or VC on the tail of the adjective. 
- Predicate adjectives don't agree; neither do adverbs, like "all" 
- Heavy use of derivation 
- Mutations with article: 
   - x/f alternate 
- "The one who" through compounds: the sitter-throne-on 
- ta becomes a prefix 
- Vocative with raula- (becomes zug'i-)