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A map of southeast Tuysáfa, showing the distribution of T1 languages (in green) and Dumic languages (in red) around 0 YP. ("DLNAF" is not indicated; it is spoken between Potansʉti and Jouki Stəy.)

The Dumic languages a.k.a. Team-2 languages (abbreviated as T2) are a family of related languages spoken in the southeastern part of Tuysáfa, from all sides of the Great Bay to the coast south of the nearby mountains. Their last common ancestor language Proto-Dumic is tentatively dated to c. -2000 YP, probably along the gentle slopes to the southwest of the Great Bay. As of 0 YP, modern languages are found throughout the southeastern part of the continent, and on several islands off shore in the case of Trinesian and Swopsoch.

Family tree

Known members of the Dumic language family include:

Among the first generation of Dumic languages, Jouki Stəy, Swopsoch, and to some extent Tetey share some common developments, as do Kataputi and Trinesian.

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