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I've been involved in Akana for some years now on and off. I'm interested in history, culture, and technology as well as languages.

In the flesh I'm an engineer from England.

Done and dusted:

  • Version 2 of Zele and the early history of Zeluzh, done in cooperation with Basilius. I'm quite happy with how the grammar sketch has turned out.

Satisfied for now:

  • Proto-Tulameya, the ancestor of a small language family that may explain some of the tendencies observed in the Lukpanic languages. Intended to provide a substratum for other languages, but if a descendant turned up it would be a pleasant surprise.
  • Fallo na Mendia, a brief outline of a divergent Namɨdu dialect. Probably the prettiest of my Akanaran efforts.

Nearly there:

  • Kataputi, created along with its Katapaki speakers for the Second Reconstruction Relay - morphology complete, syntax needs work.
  • The Western language Ishoʻu ʻOhu and culture for the Second Derivation Relay - ditto. Agglutinates like a beast. It's also my only tonal conlang so far.
  • Woltu Falla, a descendant of Fáralo - ditto. A language where everything cliticises to everything else.

In the works:

  • Ayčasamo, a Lake Western language spoken in the Xōron Eiel - currently working on morphology.
  • Developing the Meshi language - developing morphology and syntax.
  • Reconstruction work on Proto-T1, the ancestor of the T1 languages - taking a break from this, but I'll be back! An tough but fascinating challenge, and really a rather important part of the second reconstruction relay.
  • The Macro-Anatolionesian family, and its most important member Imperial Ōmishiman‎ - on hiatus. MA is not going to see much attention any time soon, but some vocabulary has entered the T2 languages and the family may yet prove significant.

Other things: