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A map of northeastern Peilaš. The location of Mæmedéi is indicated.

• Mæmedéi

Mæmedéi is a major city in central Huyfárah, located roughly 40 miles southeast of the mouth of the river Oltu. It is first mentioned in a Faraghin chronicle from the eighth century BP, which states that a baron Baršan am Mam Endoi played a vital role in negotiating the Truce of Deunagho. However, the original settlement may well be several centuries older, perhaps even dating to Ndak times.

In imperial Huyfárah, Mæmedéi remained one of the most important cities throughout the centuries. It was also the capital of the province of Suš Hou ("Near Coast"). When the southern provinces seceded from the empire in the late 6th century YP, Mæmedéi initially remained loyal to Ussor, but it was conquered by the rebels in 583 YP, and so the city became part of the Lewsfárah federation.


Language Name Pronunciation Source
Fáralo Mæmedéi [mæ.mɛˈde] "seven trees"
Ndok Aisô Mamedex [ma.meˈdeʔ] F. Mæmedéi (borrowed)
Buruya Nzaysa Mɛmɛdi [ˈmɛ.mɛ.di] F. Mæmedéi (borrowed)
Namɨdu Myendya [ˈmjɛn.djɐ] F. Mæmedéi
Fallo na Mendia Mendia [ˈmɛn.di.ɐ] F. Mæmedéi
Woltu Falla Mande [ˈman.de] F. Mæmedéi
Cəssın Männi [ˈmæn.ni] F. Mæmedéi
Wippwo Mameidž [mɐ.'medʒ] B.Nz. Mɛmɛdi (borrowed)