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Period c. 0-200 YP
Spoken in Mûtsinamtsys
Total speakers c. 250.000
Writing system Takuña script
Classification Isles languages
Basic word order SOV
Morphology fusional
Alignment NOM-ACC
Created by Rory

Mûtsipsa' is a language of the Isles family. It was spoken around 0-200 YP in the nation of Mûtsinamtsys, situated on the islands of Ke'idû'ûs'as and Dûkejdih off the Siixtaguna coast. Most of the basic texts of Etúgə, the national religion of imperial Huyfárah, were originally written in Mûtsipsa'.


  • Proto-Isles (c. -2000 YP)
    • Mûtsipsa' (c. 0-200 YP)

Mûtsipsa' and its geographically closest relative Máotatšàlì, which is spoken on Tymytỳs off the northeastern edge of Peilaš, are sometimes regarded as a genetic Northern subgroup of the Isles family. However, the evidence is unconclusive. There are obvious similarities in phonology, grammar and lexicon; but these may as well be due to areal influence such as extensive contact both with each other and with native languages of the Núalís-Takuña family.

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