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Period c. 0-200 YP
Spoken in Tymytỳs
Total speakers unknown
Writing system unknown
Classification Isles languages
Basic word order VSO
Morphology fusional
Alignment NOM-ACC
Created by Kolyn

Máotatšàlì is the language spoken by the Tymúlaslì people of the northerly island of Tymytỳs around 0-200 YP. It belongs to the Isles family.


  • Proto-Isles (c. -2000 YP)
    • Máotatšàlì (c. 0-200 YP)

Máotatšàlì and its geographically closest relative Mûtsipsa', which is spoken on the Mûtsinamtsys islands Ke'idû'ûs'as and Dûkejdih off the Siixtaguna coast, are sometimes regarded as a genetic Northern subgroup of the Isles family. However, the evidence is unconclusive. There are obvious similarities in phonology, grammar and lexicon; but these may as well be due to areal influence such as extensive contact both with each other and with native languages of the Núalís-Takuña family.

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