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A map of northeastern Peilaš. The location of the Dagæm Islands is indicated.

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The Dagæm Islands are an archipelago in the Bay of Kasca, due to the east of southern Huyfárah. Due to their strategic location, the islands have changed hands often throughout the years, and their ethnic and linguistic makeup reflects their convoluted history.

The Ndak settled the islands during their imperial period, though they were certainly already inhabited by this time. The local culture remained Ndak even as the Empire ebbed away, with the local dialect of Ndak Ta developing into Komejech. In the meantime, the islands were one stop on the journey of the Peninsular people making their way to Lotoka; a small Peninsular-speaking community remained at the eastern fringes of the archipelago. Thokyunam seafarers were also frequent visitors during this period.

The archipelago was conquered by Huyfárah in -185, and the port of Agumosou ("happy port") was established. Later, the islands passed back and forth constantly between the hands of various Fáralo states and Takuña pirates, before being definitively conquered by the Kascan state of the Republic of Hana in the 13th century.


Language Name Pronunciation Source
Ndak Ta Dawaim [ˈda.wɐ̃ɪm] (unknown)
Fáralo Dagæm [ˈda.ɡæm] NT Dawaim
Ndok Aisô Dagaib [daˈɣajb̚] NT Dawaim
Komejech Taizi [ˈtaɪ.zi] NT Dawaim
Buruya Nzaysa Dawi; Daɡɛmɛ [ˈda.wi]; [ˈda.ɡɛ.mɛ] NT Dawaim; F. Dagæm (borrowed)
Naidda Dagam [ˈda.ɡəm] F. Dagæm (borrowed)
Wippwo Daγã [ˈda.γã] Ndd. Dagam
Namɨdu Dogyem [ˈdʌɡ.jɛm] F. Dagæm
Woltu Falla Dagem [ˈda.ɡɛm] F. Dagæm
Cəssın Däyem [ˈdæ.jem] F. Dagæm
Lotoka Kodøwø [ˈkʰo.ðø.wø] NT luk pon Dawaim "the Dawaim Islands" (borrowed)