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Ōmishiman Empire
Ōmikushū Jukichū
Largest extent of the Ōmishiman Empire c. -100-70 YP
Capital Bashidora Kichū
Major cities (water village) Kichū
Languages Imperial Ōmishiman
Demonym Ōmishimans (pl.)
Government feudal confederation
Formation c. -200 YP
Collapse unknown
Successor states unknown
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The Ōmishiman Empire (Ōmishiman compound, means ????) is a feudal state situated in the Ōmishiman archipelago (Kidzijishin?), east of Tuysafa. It's capital was Bashidora Kichu.


State and Society

[In the most basic sense, Omishima's structure of governance is a tribal confederation based on a feudal monarchy] To understand how Omishima as a polity works, one must understand the basic concepts of their social structure.


Something like a khanate confederacy?

Religious, devout, pacifist/warrior-like with dash of family pride, etc.


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