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Usage notes

A template for creating clickable links from names on a map. To be placed inside a <div> tag, which must contain the style definition style="position: relative" and the attribute class="mapdiv". The first line within the tag should contain the link to the map image; subsequent lines can hold different instances of the {{Maplink}} template.

The template accepts 4 variables:

  1. link title
  2. Y position in px (distance from top of image)
  3. X position in px (distance from right of image)
  4. optional: link target (if this is not specified, #1 is used)

Short examples


places a link to [[Lasomo]] 50px from the top and 100px from the right edge of the image.


places a link that looks exactly the same, but leads to [[Axôltseubeu]] instead - as if you had written [[Axôltseubeu|Lasomo]] in normal wikitext.

Full example

<div style="position: relative" class="mapdiv">
[[Image:Kechaena-blank.png|thumb|right|600px|Map of Peilaš]]