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Tlaliolz varieties

I noticed you borrowed some Tlaliolz words into Aedhade. It's good to see Aedhade enriched, but you borrowed from the wrong dialect! :) The Tl. page (so far) describes Eastern Tlaliolz, the dialect(s) the Fáralo had contact with and which provided loanwords for Puoni. The dialect you want to borrow from in the central Aiwa valley is Western. I went ahead and described the differences here: Tlaliolz/Western_Thaliōz, but I can tell you the forms the three words you already borrowed would probably have had: featli ~ [hejaθi], tlemezu ~ [θemeʐo], and milūyo ~ [milōjo].

Also, given Tlaliolz isolationism, you probably don't want to borrow tons more words from them - they wouldn't have been more than very occasional contact with valley peoples. Radius 13:07, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

Damn! You're right of course... I wanted to import (western) Tlaliolz words via Ndok Aisô originally, but that would now give Æðadĕ hāti, tmēzo, and milojo. Not sure if I like that. But maybe if I borrowed these three terms from Eastern Tlaliolz via Fáralo *feya(t)li, *lemezu, and *milúyo I could still get the variants I wanted... have to think about that. Fáralo is lacking words with the respective meanings in any case, save for the Faraghin loanword bas "calm" which is close to Tl. milūyo.Cedh 14:42, 21 September 2008 (UTC)
Well, run it by Zompist and see if he would like to borrow those... but maybe wait till I get the lexicon up, so that he doesn't have to borrow new words twice, assuming he wants any others. And maybe you'd want some too, who knows. Also Faralo lacks words for purchase-transactions (buy, sell, etc) and taxes, which would be good to have given Huyfarah's economics. Shouldn't be more than a couple days before I put up the lexicon, the list is nearing completion and I've already started on wikifying it. Radius 04:30, 22 September 2008 (UTC)