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A map of northeastern Peilaš. The location of the Milīr river is indicated.

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The Milīr is the second-largest tributary of the great Aiwa river. It originates from the highlands south of the Rathedān and flows in a north-eastern direction through a grassy steppe which was in ancient times the home of the various nomadic Hitatc tribes. The river joins the Aiwa about halfway between Ngahêxôldod and Buruya.


Language Name Pronunciation Etymology
Hitatc Mlir Mlir [mliːɹ] "the river"
Adāta Milīr [miˈliːr] ← Hitatc Mlir Mlir (borrowed)
Ndok Aisô Malix [maˈliʔ] ← Hitatc Mlir Mlir (borrowed)
Fáralo Milír [miˈlir] Ad. Milīr (borrowed)
Æðadĕ Milir [ˈmilir] Ad. Milīr
Aθáta Mlîr [mliːɾ] Ad. Milīr
Buruya Nzaysa Ɔstáte [ʔɔsˈta.te] *ɔtsetáteNT Aunti Itàti "Hitatc River"
Wippwo Ohtatei [ɔ:ˈta.te] B.Nz. Ɔstáte (borrowed)