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The following section is a raw copy of a post by Radius on religions in Kasca c. 200 YP), originally published on Almeopedia in 2006.

  1. Animism - a devolved form of the traditional polytheistic religion, practiced by nearly everyone in the deep delta, except for cities, and widespread in rural areas elsewhere. Adherents have gone beyond simply polytheism and invested all living things - and in some variants, many or all nonliving things - with an "essential life-force" or "animating spirit". Highly nonformal. This spirit must be appeased with a brief benedictory phrase whenever an animal is killed for any purpose.
  2. Etúgə - the religion of the Fáralo and their nation Huyfárah. See the writings of Zompist for more information. Etúgə is the only religion currently gaining converts with any notable speed in Kasca. It is practiced by a majority in the North Coast areas, with a large following gaining ground in the South, and is beginning to penetrate into the deep delta.
  3. Traditional - the polytheistic and highly formalized descendent of the Ndak religion, held by many to be exactly the same as the Ndak practiced even though it isn't. This is the official religion in all areas organized areas of Kasca except the North Coast. Practiced mostly in the Southern and Mid-Coast regions, and also in the Delta where the many varying forms of it are blended to a greater or lesser degree with back-country animism. The primary gods are Ova'e, the mother goddess; Tolya, the sun god; Eveya, the moon god; Alya, the fire god; Avai, the swamp god; and Ceya, the blood god. Disasters are the gods expressing their wrath and times of fortune are the gods smiling.
  4. Old Anaitism - a corrupted and pre-Prophet form of Dāiadak Anaitism. It uses only the Book of the Sun as a religious text, and a poor translation at that. All ties with Rathedān have been lost by its followers. Practiced mostly in the coastal towns, but not by a majority even there.
  5. Tolyism (the Sun Cult) - about three hundred years ago, a prophet arose in the swamps of the deep delta. He preached that there is only one god, the sun - Tolya - and that all other gods are merely different faces Tolya can wear. This cult died out everywhere except in the city of Momuva'e where it is now widely practiced. Tolya is a strict and stern god. Adherents rigorously divide the day into daytime and nighttime and work hard in the day when Tolya's looking and play and party at night when He isn't. They pray toward the sunset every day asking for Tolya to return swiftly and forgive them their misdeeds, and once every ten days toward the sunrise.
  6. Modern Anaitism - the formal religion of the Dāiadak, which has spread into the Upriver region and gained a solid foothold there over the last century. See the writings of Dewrad for more information.