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The Year of the Prophet (Adāta: lād ax rūnak) is a calendar used in the Empire of Athalē. It marks the number of years since the death of the Prophet Zārakātias, father of Anaitism (the dominant religion of Athalē).

While other lands and other times in Akana have certainly seen the use of many different calendars, for the sake of easy coordination of dates we use Year of the Prophet as our primary reference calendar for Akana.

Year of the Prophet is abbreviated YP; years Before the Prophet may be abbreviated BP, or may simply take a minus sign and YP.

Important reference points

  • Ndak Ta and Proto-Isles date to about -1900 to -2000 YP.
  • All their direct daughters date to between 0 and 200 YP.

This 2000-year span is a consequence of the game for which these languages were first created; all subsequent material in Akana has accumulated around this original core body of work.

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