Timeline of technology

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  • c. -7000: Domestication of the dog; development of pottery (Sumarušuxi).
  • c. -4300: Earliest copper artifacts (found near Buruya).
  • c. -4000: Domestication of cattle (Bwimbai valley).
  • c. -3200: Domestication of the horse by Western peoples.
  • c. -2800: Domestication of the goat in Isthmus territory.
  • c. -2200: Gezoro develop iron metallurgy.
  • c. -1300: The native inhabitants of the High Gourun, the Habeo, have invented the saddle.
  • c. -1100: The Meshi have invented the stirrup.
  • 234: The king of Siixtaguna orders an underground irrigation system to be built, becoming Akana's first sewer system.
  • 448: Dynamite invented. It is kept secret from the rest of the world until after the Athalēran Wars.
  • 1289: Printing press invented, probably in Rathedān.