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I've just uploaded a version of the Empotle7á lexicon with improved formatting, especially with regard to the etymologies. I originally did this on my local wiki at home to get a better overview of ideas I could possibly adapt for my own Western languages, and I found it too useful not to share. Hope you don't mind!

There are a couple of words though which might be off a bit... let's see:

  • kulótlená 'bear' must be from *kʷułuʔu-džĩʔĩ-ta or similar, which is said to mean 'honey-eater', but *kʷułu means 'wolf', so I interpret the source as something like 'honey-animal of the wolf', which doesn't make much sense. If you want the meaning 'honey-eater', suitable PW source words would be *wecu-džĩʔĩkʰa-daya or *wecu-džĩʔĩkʰa-lawa, which might give reflexes like otsútleŋáé or otsútleŋálo respectively, if the *-ʔĩ- gets contracted away.
  • phétlópása 'bronze' is given as (phétlo-7ú pásá 'son of copper'), and wokuwolé 'eagle' is given as < *γʷekudu-γʷeley 'mountain eagle'. However, in both of these words the component order should normally be head-final AFAIUI, resulting in the meanings 'copper of the son' and 'mountain of the eagle', which is probably not what you intended. A similar objection, though not as severe, applies to Lé7úlawo 'The Smoke Snake (a constellation)' (lé-7ú lawo), which literally means 'smoke of the snake' but seems to be intended as 'snake of smoke'. So it might be a good idea to swap around the components here (note that the "construct case" in Proto-Western is a misnomer, it works more or less like an ordinary genitive case!), which would give something like pásáophétlo 'bronze' < 'son of copper'; wolúwoku < *γʷeley-ʔu γʷekudu 'eagle of the mountain'; and Lawólé 'snake of smoke'.

Cedh (talk) 13:33, 22 May 2018 (PDT)