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At times with much activity in the ZBB thread, like currently, it becomes extremely difficult to keep track of all that's being discussed even if you've been away from the board for just two days. Also, some of the more detailed questions in previous discussions have never been answered because the major portion of the thread went on to focus on a different topic.

I take this as an indication that it might make sense to create a more orderly place for discussing general issues about Akana. The wiki talk pages are probably too specific for this, so I'd like to raise the suggestion of establishing a separate Akana forum.

I realize that we need to keep this thread active in order to be able to attract new participants or allow old participants to become active again. (I suppose this might be one of the reasons the Kutjaraworld project died. Radius?) But I still think it might be good to keep separate threads for some of the major topics - maps, migration routes, history, language families (possibly with subthreads for specific languages) etc.

Let me know what you think. Cedh 13:14, 27 May 2009 (UTC)

Out-of-date languages list?

The languages list here doesn't use the Languages of Akana/... lists that we're using pretty much everywhere else. I wonder if there's any particular reason for that, or did we just miss this page when we were consolidating those lists? Would anything be lost if this list was replaced with those, or with a simple link to Languages of Akana?

I support this, actually - this page isn't much linked to, and it's my opinion that if it were more concise and up-to-date it could be used more as a "jumping off" point like the wiki main page. thedukeofnuke (talk) 05:47, 7 April 2014 (PDT)


Along the same lines as the above, I propose we add an "Astronomy" section or link, unless we can think of a more apposite title, for the star system of which Akana is part. For the moment I will be writing up a bit more on this as a subpage of my own user page. thedukeofnuke (talk) 05:47, 7 April 2014 (PDT)