Macro-Edastean languages

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The Macro-Edastean languages are those descended from Proto-Macro-Edastean, a postulated language that may have been spoken in the upper Aiwa valley around perhaps -3500 YP, and possibly as early as -5000 YP. The grouping constitutes a top-level linguistic stock. While the relation of the Xoronic family to the Talo-Edastean is considered amply demonstrated by scholars, a substantial reconstruction of their mutual ancestor has proved elusive due to the great time depth involved.

  • Macro-Edastean stock
    • Talo-Edastean family: Proto-Talo-Edastean (c. -2500 YP)
    • Xoronic family: Proto-Xoronic (c. -2500 YP)
      • Habeo languages: Proto-Habeo (c. -1000 YP)
        • Hill Habeo (c. 100 YP)
          • Red Habeo (c. 900 YP)
            • Northern Red Habeo (c. 1900 YP)
            • Southern Red Habeo (c. 1900 YP)
          • White Habeo (c. 900 YP)
        • Plains Habeo (c. 100 YP)
          • Yellow Habeo (c. 1100 YP)
        • River Habeo (c. 100 YP)
          • Early Blue Habeo (c. 700 YP)
            • Late Blue Habeo (c. 1300 YP)
      • Damak languages: Old Damak (c. -500 YP)
        • Early Middle Damak (c. 600 YP)
          • Middle Damak (c. 1100 YP)
            • Late Damak (c. 1800 YP)