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Period c. 1200 YP
Spoken in Abukho (NW Khalanu)
Total speakers c. 400
Writing system adapted
Tjakori script
Classification Edastean
Basic word order SVO
Morphology mostly isolating
Alignment NOM-ACC
Created by Legion

Kozado (from Adāta koia ax dan "tongue of the mountain"), was the last remaining dialect of a continuum of closely related languages and dialects once spoken in an area streching from the north of Khanalu to the west of Zophīs. These languages progressively disappeared under the advance of more powerful languages, and by the year 1200 YP only Kozado remained, spoken by approximately 400 persons the villages of Abukho and Šezoiñeðe, in the northern region of the Khalanu city-state (though the name of the language suggests a more western origin).

At the time where interest in Edastean studies started to rise, Kozado received special attention because it was the most conservative daughter language of Adāta. While featuring some innovations of its own, it retained many archaic features and lacked several innovations common to all other Dāiadak languages.



  • Ze Senoko, ze šerú šazu, ze ðezoklo kahodo ze šerú ok, ze Zom pa ze Thal ze mekot oka, ro abes sep: Ilo e ro o oth ze mez oz ze pakeþe ok apeža, ez ðezoklo rylo ro ba šeko il oz.
  • [ ze ˈse.no.ko | ze ɕeˈru ˈɕa.zu | ze ˈðe.zok.lo ˈka.ho.do ze ɕeˈru ok | ze zom pa ze tʰal ze ˈme.kot oka | ro ˈa.bes sep ‖ ˈi.lo e ro o otʰ ze mez oz ze ˈpa.ke.θe ok ˈa.pe.ʑa | ez ˈðe.zok.lo ˈrɨ.lo ro ba ˈɕe.ko il oz ]
  • DEF Senoko, DEF king great, DEF land Kahod-ADJ DEF king 3SG.OBL, DEF sun and DEF moon DEF brother 3PL.OBL, AFF say-IMPF.SG so: before 1SG AFF be.PERF.SG in DEF father 1SG.OBL DEF throne 3SG.OBL be-VN, all land foreign AFF be.PERF.PL hostile to 1SG.OBL

(taken from the Tsinakan text)

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