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Period around 350-620 YP
Spoken in north of Zophīs
Total speakers unknown
Writing system adapted Tjakori script?
Classification Edastean
Basic word order SVO
Morphology mildly fusional
Alignment NOM-ACC
Created by Legion

Koyek is an extinct descendant of Adāta spoken to the north of Zophīs. It is only attested from a few extended manuscripts found in a remote and deserted Anaitist monastery, and appears to have acted as a liturgical language, and it is debatable whether the authors of those texts were native speakers or were learned speakers. These texts are enough to clearly show that Koyek was a close sister to Kozado, and in some ways was both more conservative and innovative that said language.


  • Ndak Ta (c. -1900 YP)
    • Adāta (c. 0-200 YP)
      • Koyek (c. 350-620 YP)

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