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Todo List

What? Who? And?
Todo list Everyone Everyone! Please add more items to this todo list! Anything that you're working on, that you intend one day to work on, that you're aware will need doing some day but have no intention of working on... The middle column allows you to indicate that you're working on something. The third column is for comments, description, caveats...
Policy document A post (here? or on the forum?) describing the spirit and methods of the Akana project.
  • We already have AkanaWiki:About; I'm not sure if we need a separate AkanaWiki:Policy page, but going into more detail about how the project works seems definitely useful. In any case, I think the document should be a wiki page, which could then be mirrored on the forum. -- Cedh
Wiki updates Whoever's willing/able Adding/updating information that's currently only found on the Forum and ZBB. A good place to start might be the topics listed at Special:Wantedpages. Tentative or incomplete information can be wikified and marked with an appropriate tag (such as Template:Stub, Template:Tbc, or Template:Invitation); maybe we should create a tag for "tentative/still under discussion" also?
Category pages Whoever's willing/able Expanding the Category pages to serve as portals to topics of interest, as Cedh proposed on the Forum: "So what I'd suggest is turning the category pages into a blend of article list, short summary article, and portal – supplementing the automatic list of pages with a brief introductory text that summarizes what we know about the subject, and with another section that mentions current discussions and links to them."
Núalís Making sound changes (with references to any comments in the Máotatšàlì grammar) and designing the lexicon and grammar of Núalís.
  • It'd be nice if we could get in touch with kolyn/kolya/fedosu about this. I don't know how reachable he is now though. -- Corumayas
Proto-(Eigə)-Isthmus Corumayas & supporters Solidifying the reconstruction of Proto-Eigə-Isthmus and Proto-Isthmus, so that they can be used to work forward from.
Ngauro Corumayas? Making sound changes (based on the reconstruction of PEI) and designing the lexicon and grammar of Ngauro.
Doroh Making sound changes (based on the reconstruction of PEI/PI) and designing the lexicon and grammar of Doroh.
Šertik Fallə Cedh & thedukeofnuke Finalizing the sound changes from Fáralo and moving on to the lexicon and grammar of Šertik Fallə.
Komejech Legion Finalizing and publishing the grammar of Komejech.
Tjakori/Gezoro Expanding on Kodé's sound changes for Gezoro, and turning it (and its sister) into full languages. We should try to get Kodé involved in this if possible.
Hitatc languages Cedh Finally getting somewhere with this family. Adāta needs loanwords.
Scripts (Aiwa valley) Cedh & other volunteers Expanding the list of Oryziform glyph concepts, developing an interesting Ndak script from them (Legion has already done some good stuff about this, cf. this forum thread), and deriving the second generation of Edastean scripts from the result (most importantly, the Fáralo alphabet). If anyone volunteers to make fonts, that would be even better. ;)
Scripts (South/West) A second family of scripts should eventually developed for the Western sphere, probably originating in Xšalad. Most important for our purposes here: the Tjakori syllabary (a 2nd or 3rd generation script), which is used for writing Adāta.
Maps Cedh I've been planning to make a series of high-res maps of most of northern Peilaš for a long time now, which we could then use as a basis for all kinds of thematic maps. In order to make real progress here, I probably need access to the original vector file of Mr. Pocketful's map though, plus a lot of spare time...
Biology We should work out (at least in broad outline) what kinds of plants and animals live where in Akana. We'd have to take into account evolutionary and geological history, climates, etc., as well as information found in the various lexicons and culture notes. And of course special attention should be paid to crops and domesticated animals.
Timeline of technology thedukeofnuke We have a vague idea of how technology develops in Akana, but no clear dates. I've drafted a timeline of major inventions, which will need revision and fitting in with other areas of history.
Affanonic (diachronics) Basilius Documenting the sound changes, sketching a historical grammar.
Affalinnei: Religion Basilius Documenting some ideas about the evolution of the Tejenry cult (metaphysics, practices &like).
Mûtsipsa' (diachronics) Basilius, Radius and whoever may wish to join Revamping the SC's (the current ones don't produce the attested forms in many cases); figuring out how much of the grammar would be more interestingly treated as archaisms (to be projected onto Early Proto-Isles; especially class agreement & related bits).
  • It'd be nice if we could consult with Rory about this. He's been happy to answer questions about stuff in the past. -- Corumayas
Máotatšàlì (diachronics) Basilius and whoever may wish to join Finishing the analysis of tone reflexes, figuring out how much of the tone alternation patterns and tone-based differentiation of forms that are homophones in Ran's PI can be projected onto Early Proto-Isles.
  • It'd be nice if we could get in touch with kolyn/kolya/fedosu about this. I don't know how reachable he is now though. -- Corumayas
Ran's Proto-Isles: undocumented lexical derivation patterns Basilius and whoever may wish to join Inventorizing and analyzing the subj.; initiating a discussion of possible diachronic scenarios behind such patterns.
Ppãrwak Basilius and whoever may wish to join Revamping, squeezing for potential archaisms. There are some ideas about dialects and (maybe) descendants, too.
The Ultimundic Stock Basilius and whoever may wish to join Retro-designing the whole lineage from Late Proto-Isles (with dialectology) to Early Proto-Isles to Proto-Macro-Isles to Proto-Ultimundic (requires a reanalysis of the abovesaid Isles langs).
More Núalís-Takuña languages Basilius (and Qwynegold?) Doing something with the sketchy scenarios about the daughters of Proto-Núalís-Takuña discussed in that thread.
Agriculture Basic descriptions of agricultural systems outside of Peilaš, currently only the Ronquian zone meets the standard of the Peilaš regions in terms of description.
Proto-T1 Those involved in the relay and others who wish to take part Reconstruction.
Proto-Leic Those involved in the relay and others who wish to take part Reconstruction.
Proto-Muyan Frislander Finalising morphology and syntax, continual expanding of dictionary, incorporating Ronquian and Wendoth loans, working out how it relates to other Mediundic languages.
Ronquian All those involved or who wish to be involved Completing revision of Rrób Tè Jĕhnò, finish syntax of Ree Rɛɛ Kıbyaa, finishing description of A-Rox Ŋʷoskʷuɣmʲa and adding lexicon, writing grammar and expanding lexicon of Rof Njiŋe Wek, finalising reconstruction of Proto-Ronquian.
Lukpanic Fleshing out of daughter languages, putting down a basic description of Fu.
Tsemehkiooni Cedh Completing description of morphology, beginning to describe syntax, releasing a lexicon.
Numəsūr the Devilcat Expanding lexicon and moving it onto new page.