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You have added a couple of terms with or without dynamic -teu/-seu < NT ta – wouldn't it be a good idea to include ngatseu "tool" < NT ngwartsi in this, even though the final -seu is of a different origin? For instance, have ngatseu mean something like "to create" or "to repair", and add a back-formed ngat "tool"?

Cool idea. I hesitate for two reasons:
-final i > eu is a pretty recent development, occurring around, say 0-100 YP. this confusion and back formation would have to be quite recent. but the -ta constructions are a lot older, I don't know yet if -ta is still productive (but it might be... since Adata's still got it).
-the seu allomorph occurs after /p/ and /k/, but I don't think it should occur after /t/. but then I'm not sure what the language does with a cluster of /t/ + /t/. --Dunomapuka 17:59, 28 November 2008 (UTC)