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To Be Continued...
Rorschach is still working on this article. The contents are incomplete and likely to undergo changes.
Word Part of Speech Meaning Notes
qǝplu n. homeland
ekswutáw pron. something inanimate or semiinanimate
ekutéw pron. something, someplace animate or semianimate; usually implies some sort of permanence or habit
tjitó pron. the same (one), that very (one) sometimes used as a reflexive
nut pron. 1DL
hu: pron. 1PL
nu pron. 1SG
nanu pron. 1TR
mjiz pron. 2DL
fol pron. 2PL
mji pron. 2SG
nanji pron. 2TR
to pron. 3COLL inanimate
kjit pron. 3DL animate
ṙjiké pron. 3PL animate
ke pron. 3SG animate
mǝdo pron. 3SGV inanimate
tjiké pron. 3TR animate
ulswuzuk pron. some animal animate
ulswuné pron. someone
ulusak pron. some animal implies a permanence of location
ulunjí pron. someone implies a sense of permanence or belonging
ulswutáw pron. something inanimate or semiinanimate
ulutéw pron. something animate or semianimate but neither person nor animal; implies permanence
hǝt qtf. each, every
qú:tjitǫt qtf. any two (out of a group of three)
nugqó: qtf. both animate or semianimate
uwutqú: qtf. both inanimate or seminanimate
noà qtf. all
ṙo qtf. few, little, some
ne qtf. many
sa qtf. no(ne)
sjitǫt qtf. neither none both
nugtųq qtf. all three animate or semianimate
uwutųq qtf. all three inanimate or semiinanimate
tjida qtf. none of three
tjitǫt qtf. any of three
qtf. any
tǫt qtf. either
uwut qtf. the whole
ase qtf. a lot (of)
u: qtf. a little (of)
u inter. (surprise)
ul adv. also
u n. sa. lake
uk v. return to one's origin
uŋe v. reflect, shine
uẋ v. guess; identify
uqlek n. in. crystal
uqłə n. in. gypsum
uqbjil n. an. knuckle; pebble
uqsek n. an. ankle
ul v. want, desire
usui n. an. eagle
usək n. an. wolf
n. an. dust cloud; sandstorm
u v. swallow
a particle (marks yes-no questions)
ak nmlz. (nominalizer for tools)
jo: nmlz. tool
ekhaw n. si. lever; oar
ekłə n. in. lacquer, glue, adhesive
eklji n. in. defensive wall or barrier
ekųt n. si. cart, sledge
ektjiklul n. si. rudder
al n. an. bird (male)
a v. fight, struggle
ful v. be a part of
furat n. an. army
fulha v. have a seizure, have a fit
faw v. pass (by)
fa v. herd
fat n. an. warrior
fe dem. in. this
fe v. wrap, cover, engulf
flarsjiwi n. an. stepchild
flu: v. slap
fjut v. happen
fluŋaz n. an. freshwater fish
fluz n. sa. river, stream