Rof Njiŋe Wek

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To Be Continued...
Rorschach is still working on this article. The contents are incomplete and likely to undergo changes.
Rof Njiŋe Wek
[rof nʲiŋe wek]
Period c. 1 YP
Spoken in Northern Tuysáfa
Total speakers unknown
Writing system none
Classification Ronquian
 Rof Njiŋe Wek
Basic word order SVO
Morphology mostly isolating
Alignment NOM-ACC
Created by Pogostick Man and vec

Rof Njiŋe Wek is a Ronquian language.



Labial Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular
Nasal m · n · ŋ · ŋʲ
Stop p · t · k · q ·
Trill ʙ · ʙʲ r · ʀ · ʀʲ
Fricative f · θ s · x · χ · χʲ
Lateral Fricative ɬ · ɬʲ
Resonant w l · j ʁ
  • Palatalization is indicated with a following ‹j›.
  • /ʙ ʀ/ are written ‹b ṙ›.
  • /θ ɬ χ/ are written ‹z ł ẋ›.
  • /ʁ/ is written ‹g›.


Front Central Back
High i ḭ i̤ iː ḭː i̤ː u ṵ ṳ uː ṵː ṳː
Mid e ḛ e̤ eː ḛː e̤ː ə ə̰ ə̤ əː ə̰ː ə̤ː o o̰ o̤ oː o̰ː o̤ː
Low a a̰ a̤ aː a̰ː a̤ː
  • Breathy voice is indicated by an acute accent; creaky voice, by an ogonek.


Absolute state Construct state
Breathy vowel > Plain vowel
Plain stop > Fricative
Fricative > Vowel shift or approximant
Creaky vowel > Trill onset
Trill > Nasal
Nasal > Prefixed vowel
Plain vowel > Plain vowel


Rof Njiŋe Wek counts in a base-six system. The first six numbers are as follows:

  1. pęk
  2. qó:
  3. tųq
  4. púl
  5. fu
  6. łu


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