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Language families of Akana c. -2000 YP.
The Miwan languages are the southwestern group of the Eigə-Isthmus family, which is marked in red colors.

The Miwan languages are subgroup of the Eigə Valley branch of the Eigə-Isthmus language family, spoken in eastern Peilaš.

Up until classical times, the Miwan languages formed a dialect continuum of very closely related speech varieties, stretching along the lower and middle Eigə, mostly south of the river. The best known idioms belonging to this group are those spoken on the southern fringes of Kasca (Eastern Miwan) and in the Etewg Peidæm or Ici Forest (Forest Miwan) during the first millennium YP.

Meshi has also been classed as a Miwan language by some scholars; however, the exact relationship remains disputed. Meshi was originally spoken in the middle and upper Aiwa regions; at the beginning of the first millennium BP, Meshi-speaking nomads conquered most of the valley, leaving inscriptions scattered throughout their large (but short-lived) empire. Most linguists nowadays tend to believe that Meshi should better be considered a separate subbranch of the Eigə Valley family rather than a part of Miwan.

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