Dimana Lokud

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Dimana Lokud
[ diˈmɑ.nɑ ˈlo.kud ]
Period c. -2000 YP
Spoken in Western mountains
Total speakers unknown
Writing system none
Classification isolate
Basic word order SVO
Morphology fusional
Alignment NOM-ACC
Created by Radius

Dimana Lokud is a language that was spoken around -2000 YP on or near the western slopes of the big mountain range that divides the Western steppe from the Xōron Eiel. It is not demonstrably related to any other known language on Akana, and thus considered a linguistic isolate.


  • Hai lyotuye wa dimama dimana oso.
    [ ha͡ɪ ljoˈtʰuje wɑ diˈmɑ.mɑ diˈmɑ.nɑ ˈo.so ]
    PASS please-PASS-1sg by speak-2.PRES language 1pl
    I am pleased that you speak our language.

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