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Entry POS Definition Notes
a n inan plant root
a n anim horse, mule
ac prefix previous
acfecı v it be last night
acnit n inan spoon
adth v it be powerful
afk n inan neck
agit v tr set, fall, decrease, depart, leave, exit, western, to go out, to go, to leave
agmo v tr be parent to (general)
ak v it fly, float in the air
amwa v it be final, come to an end
an n inan white
an n inan cave, valley
anatr number 10
ancu v it be white
ant n inan now
anùrı n inan animal skin
n anim louse
aŋk v tr apologize
ar n inan star
areft n inan black
arek n inan green
aruk n inan yellow, gold
at v tr spray liquid
ate v it be true
atene n inan truth
athaw v it be loyal trans, passive > be loyal to something
awak n inan knife, dagger, sharp instrument
awcpin n anim deity
axdco n inan white, silver
axam n inan red, iron
axom n inan ham
ban n inan oil, grease
banu n anim friend, lover, neighbor
banuntanthamu v it be precocious, be gifted with a skill
bath v it be long
bcìm n anim peoples, group of people
begì v it flash generally does not take a subject
bepeŋa v it dry out, dry up, evaporate
bet v it be wet
v it be skinny
bik n inan pattern, repetition, recurrence
bìt n inan fuel, medicine, sustenance
biwık v it confused, confuzzled
v it be emaciated
bını v tr think, be of the opinion that quotation in ACC
bınnogiwuc v it be curious bınne "thoughts" + o- + giwuc "greedy"
bomıdth v it smth burns down burn smth down (add trans)
bon n inan bread, wheat, food in general
bont v tr change into
bthac n inan arm, hand
bugnux-/-bugnuc n anim lizard
bùl v it be thick
bwir n inan steep slope
bwıl v it be thick
bwù n inan face, visage
bwùsr v it, tr vomit, expel, be incompatible (tr)
c'eanabathne n inan confidence (lit the-long-forehead)
ca v it be behind
ca article definite article for mass nouns
ca v it affirmative interrogative particle, always found in relicized form Vne oca-
ca muok cecne n inan travelling
cabcìmıxt, cabcmıxt n inan someone, no one (with NEG)
caca v it wait
cacak v it be behind, be after trans> to be behind something
cackwıt v it be tomorrow
cagì- n anim the snake
camunne n inan a long time, a while
camut v it be spacious, be vast
camut v it be vast
casrututemme n inan diary, journal, account (REL heart-writing)
cec v it leave come from (use pvb -gim-)
cednítıt endonym from-dust, endonym
ceŋxu v tr extend
cìbi v it be insufficient
cìbik v tr starve (someone)
cìbik, cìbk- v tr reduce, make insufficient be insufficient + CAUS, +INTRANS: it was lessened it was belittled
cìcfwoŋ dobthud n anim falling tree
cìgo v it be soaked, be happy, it's going swimmingly, be good, be fine, be content
cinte n anim kitten
cıt v it run
cıxt n inan some
co n inan some (one), specific noun+OBL+co
coc v it return, come back
codrnıxt n inan something
comp v it something occurs, something happens, an event is coming (PROGRESSIVE)
coŋ v it be small
cowgı v dt name someone-ACC X(name-OBL), to cause to be named
cowgıne n inan sentence utterance lit (naming)
cowo n inan top, summit, peak
cuctcu v it be dry also transitivizer
cùwo n anim snake
cùwowdmıt n anim caecilian cùwo "snake" + dmıt "amphibian"
da n anim pirate
dacuk v tr force to convert
dacuŋ v tr be heretic, betray
dacuŋŋe n inan heresy
dcac v it be cold (atmospheric)
dce v it be far, be distant
dcıŋ v it something continues
dcıt v tr stare at
dcman v dt cover x with y
dco v it be youthful, be young
dconti v tr apply cosmetics
dcù v it reveal, uncover, find
dcùdu n inan wrist
dcùwe n anim crab, lobster
de n inan today
dendcman v tr uncover something
dendcmanal v it be bare, be uncovered
denthe v tr cut, slice open
dewtantco v it scan
dibnıxt v it to remain, to be left over di "finished" + bnı "be aware" + ıxt "negative"
dıcu v it be many, be much, be a lot
dıxe v tr grab, finish an action?
dmat n inan spring, lake
dmıt n anim amphibian, toad, frog, salamander
dnerga n anim duck, swan
dnimmo n inan earth, ground, dirt, horizontal plane
dnit n inan dust
dnit n inan part of, portion
dnittobcì linguonym name of language in language
dŋì n anim raccoon
dobcì n inan language
dok number 6
dothk v it be ancient (generally for inanimates)
dothk v it be old (of objects)
doxìme n anim hunter
drì v it die
dric n anim sun
drìk v tr cause to die
drı v it to do something, generic action
dru- v pfx undo X (action)
drubth v it be strong, be muscular
druxe v tr take, remove, except (also trans) come from (use pvb gim)
druxemı n anim taker, pirate, plunderer
dthak v tr have X ability
dthet n anim bird
du this
e v it be new
eana n inan forehead, flat top
eanabath v it be confident
ebbìt n inan firewood
eca v tr because, be a reason for, purpose no pronominal prefix
ecıxt v tr be not the reason for no pronominal prefix
ek prn here
emra v it, tr spend time I spend Y time doing X - X Y-GEN 3si>1s-emra-PASS.CAUS
en n inan tree bark
eni n anim deer
enık v tr hinder (someone)
enıŋŋowk v it be limitless, unhindered, without hindrance enık + owk (without)
enk v it be slow, sluggish
n anim girl (inf)
erı v it be old (of people and animals)
et v it be new
et v tr learn, gain, acquire
eta v it be valid, be correct
ethgumu n anim butterfly
etıwe v it tell a story, recount
ewaŋŋı I'm sorry
exeme n anim manual laborer
exp v it be yellow, be tanned
exrıt n inan altar, temple, shrine
f(a)k- v tr hit, strike, punch, fight also use as quantity 5
fak n inan shadow, no one
faŋŋı n anim fighter, warrior fight + occupation
fawke n inan cone
fdut v it wake up, arise, lift, raise, carry
fe number 8
fecı v it be night
fgı n inan eye
fik v tr, dt force feed object being consumed is oblique
finde v it be huge, enormous
fip v tr bite
fìwı v tr imitate, copy, be the same as
fmolıxt n anim evil monster
fmùwu n anim large animal, beast
font v tr hold, passive reflx. worry, possess passive refl: (worry)
fu yon
futu v it to be slanted
fuwcne n inan incision, cut
fwì n inan stone, rock
fwindıt n anim morning lark
fwìp n inan desert
fwuŋ v it fall, sun setting
gacdci n inan stair, steps
gada n anim male, man
ganì v tr polish
gat n anim crow
gawt pvb again
gawto v it repeat
gep number 4
gìec v it descend, drop location in OBL, no pvb
giwuc v it be greedy
giwucne n inan greed
gıbıcdi v it be fortunate, choose select (+CAUS)
gıbıcdik v tr trapped by false fortune, controlled situation, falling into someone else's scheme
gıcdı n anim mole
gıceŋxu v tr something extends towards X down-extend
gmwai flint
gnump n inan acorn
goŋ v tr follow without thinking, blindly follow
v it, conj but, however, be contrary sentence final, takes no pronominal prefix
gunk v tr cause to fall
gunne n inan balance
gunt v it balance
gùrı v tr oppose, go against
gùrık v tr conscript, force to battle oppose + CAUS
gùrıme n anim enemy, adversary
guth v tr dig, farm
gwet v it be bad-smelling, stink
ì n inan claw
ì n inan feather
icı n anim fly (bug), pest, insect
idca prn there
idrno n anim animate unspecified object
ìdthet n anim eagle
imce v it forage
in v it be each, be every tmen+ne+in > tmennin "every morning" | kwıt+ne+in > kwınnin "every day"
ìna n inan covering, building skin
ìnathaw n inan conclave, holy meeting space, hallowed meeting
inco v it be good state of being good, be positive
ìndı v it to snow
ìndthu n coll snow
ìnı v it be warm (atmospheric)
ìnık v it be hot (atmospheric) things that emanate hotness, such as lava or fire, take the causative
inte v tr thank, show gratitude to (usually passive)
v it be wonderful, be fantastic, be blissful
ìth v it fail
ìthana v it breathe through one's nose
iwethe v tr guard, keep watch
ìwit n inan rise, increase, enter, eastern, entrance, door
ìxi n anim pig
ıc v tr occur simulaneously (adverb/circumstantial), want something to become X
ıdanu v tr be father to (intimate) father (ıdam)
ıdcap v it repose, lie down takes PVB g(ı) 'down' in most situations
ıddı n inan and other stuff, variety, type
ıfk v it be full
ım v it be special
ımìnu v tr be mother to (intimate)
ımımo n anim mother
ımpotot v it be unique
ınox v tr meet someone (by chance) with ACC
ıŋxa v it be evil
ıp n inan grass
ıpan n inan seaweed ıp "grass" + an "white"
ır n inan flower
ırtriŋ n anim worm
ıt v tr become entering into a state aka "becoming" takes the form rıw-STATIVEVERB-ne, where rıw represents a preverb "onto"
ıthıma v tr shatter, destroy, thunder (with detrans) voluntary or involuntary?
ıwt v it be black, be dark
ıwt n inan pedestal, stage
ıwt v it stand, be established
ıwtint v tr establish
ıxa v it be short
ıxt negativizer
ıxwı v tr be child to (general)
ıxwım n anim child
kakaw n inan spark, ember
kakaweta v it be smug, be pedantic
ke n inan fire
ke v it be nervous, hesitant, hesitate
kek v it be careful
kek n inan house, home
keŋ v tr be certain of something
kepit v it describe
ket v tr be aunt/uncle to (general)
ketmo n anim aunt, uncle
keton v it finish, halt, cease, end
ketonti v tr finish something, complete
kibi v tr pierce, sun shining
kìw v it be forgiving, be a pushover, be kind
kiùk n inan crevice, valley
v it be thin
n inan boulder, large stone, stone outcropping, monument
kıbır n anim lightning, artificial light
kın n inan black
kmart v tr consume, use, to eat
kmetr n anim sheep, goat
kofikùdthe n inan coffee
kowthet n anim raven
kremo n anim judge compare + occupation
krı v dt compare, X(SUBJ) makes A(incorporated adverbial) comparison between Y(OBJ) and Z(OBL) If A is a nominal, use construction with-A (dc+A) in -1 slot before verbal root
ku that (substitute for definite article), next
kùdthe n inan type of drink, (more generally) alcohol
kùdthec v tr drink
kùdthecuthu v tr swallow
kuf n inan plated metal kufaruk "gold plate", kufaxdco "silver plate", kufaxam "iron plate"
kuwık v tr cook something
kuwoweŋ v it be vermillion, be brilliant shine
kwıt v it be day
kwù v it be green, be landlubber
kwun n inan grain, kernel
lan n inan pond
lìwa v it collapse causative?
low n inan ball, sphere
maboba n inan tomato
macak v it be wild, be crazy
mamo v tr bother also Y be annoyed by X
masral n inan orange (fruit)
masraxo n inan orange juice
mat v tr praise, applaud
minci n inan drain, channel, stream, gully
mìwi n anim small animal
mıa v dt remind, make aware of, remain
mok n inan lies
mow v it sweet
mow n inan sugar
muba v tr be all sru sromba "everyday, always (habitual)"
muba n inan water
mubat v tr be sibling to (general)
mubatmo n anim sibling
mucdcu n inan egg
mufwa n inan brain
mufwıda n inan lips
muìxa n inan shrub, bush, weed
muìxın v tr, dt perform an exchange
muok n inan border, boundary
muok cec v it travel
muok cennı n anim traveller
muom n inan realm, region
muoppol n inan not enough space
mupat n anim sibling, brother, sister
mupìgi v tr fuck, sleep with, lie, place down
muruthi v tr stack, pile up
mùthdu n inan hill
ne n inan cloud, fog
neck v tr climb (mountain)
newk n anim baby
nınne twin
nıt number 2
nıw v it to exist
nıwmok n inan horizon, horizontal line/plane
nora v it be clean
noranti v tr wash, clean something
norantik v tr force into slavery
nowotcoŋ n inan malfeasance, public wrongdoing, corruption
nowp v it be calm
nucne n inan gift, present (physical)
nucni v dt give X-NOM gives Z-OBL(recipient) Y-ACC
nudcù n inan chest, cage
nudcùwŋuìth n inan trapping net, fishing/hunting net nudcù "cage" + ŋuìth "butterfly"
nudom n inan work, undertaking, task
nudra v it be confusing
nudùŋxınthmo n inan volcano
nuft n inan meat, flesh, muscle
nugumbut n anim chipmunk
nuì v tr mark, tag, tie
nuì n inan world, planet, celestial body
nuìbit n inan rope
nuìr v it be old (generally for animates)
nujoppol n inan fretting, not calm
nuwı v tr excluding, only argument takes accusative. use a dummy subject
nuwol n inan seat, sitting area, antechamber, chair
nuwùtu n inan thumb
ŋeciŋ n inan color (abstract), vision
ŋugık n inan wind
ŋugù n inan body of water in cavern
ŋugwon v it to rain
ŋuìthdumu n anim butterfly (delicateness)
ŋuo n inan lie
ŋuwadrı v it dream
ŋuwadru v tr be distracted, follow
ŋuwora n inan way one lies
ŋuxedı v dt lend
o v it say, speak, tell (with transitivizing -nt)
odrno n inan thing, affair
ola number 9
ondi v it be heavy, be immovable, inflappable
ondo v tr draw (picture, image)
onewbwù n inan conversation
onsrib n inan their ear
ont v tr say "X"
v tr show, demonstrate, present something
oŋugwon v it sky clears up ANTIBEN-rain
oŋwo v it tell a lie
oppol n inan not enough sleep, tired, exhausted
oraŋ v it be large, be big
osrok v dt receive
ot n inan sleeping chamber
ot v it sleep, lay down, lay (as inanimate object)
ot n inan month
ot number 1 ca= -(w)unne -first
otmic v tr notice already in inceptive aspect
ouwùcurì teŋ n inan hairstyle haircut (change hairstyle)
owk v tr X is without Y, INT.NEG, negative question, interrogative NEG, while
owke v tr X is with Y POS, while
owkel v it X is similar to Y (OBL)
owkı osronnı n anim pirate lit. he exchanges nothing
owkıxt aux while
owt v it be subversive
owtint v tr subvert
owùrı n anim roach
oxtcu n coll honor
oxtı v tr honor (someone)
paxı n anim lion, large dangerous animal
pecdow v tr trust
pet n inan forest, sylvan
pìnı v tr beg, plead repicient of begging OBL, also gains ANTIBEN, quotation in ACC
pith v it win, be victorious
pithmo n anim winner, victor
pithtint v tr win smth, be victorious over ACC, no preverb
pnım v it, tr hear, listen (with BEN -athga-), think about
pnox n inan mountain
pŋınt n anim mosquito
ponre n inan egg
potantrommo n inan harbor, bay 3si.PST-into-flow-NOM-PLACE
pthut n inan tree
puì v it be alive
pwan n inan grunt, foot soldier, infantry
rat v tr accuse, blame
reŋ v tr put
rep v it be rare, be uncommon
ricu v it hiss
rìfe v tr be sister to (intimate)
rìfek v tr arrange a marriage, arrange a union
rim n inan headcover, headwrapping, headwear
rìwu v tr drink
rìwul v it drunk, hungover adverbs can be placed after
rın n inan heavy load, burden
rıncìbik v tr rip with teeth, savage
ro v it be dawn, become daytime
rowthak v tr split definitively
ruth n anim novice
rùto v tr tempt, to make someone else look bad
se v tr invent takes preverb rıx "up"
sran n inan spine
sranudth v it indefatigable, unable to become tired, excessively energetic
srat n inan sky, emptiness, vastness
kamp n inan seed
sro n inan day, daytime, mid-day
sro v tr lose, misplace
sron v dt exchange with BEN chance upon
sronpol n inan insufficient funds
srù n inan tongue
srı n inan shoulders
srù v tr throw away, discard
srùlow v it be lost
srut n inan heart (organ)
ta v tr enter (SUBJ>ACC with into [t(o)n])
ta v it be pink, be red, be from inland
tabelt v it be motivated tabelt -l v tr to motivate someone
tantnir v it be put together, form a result, culminate preverb -tan-
tanxer v tr carve into, look more deeply into a matter into-carve
tc= clitic also often elides to c=
tce n inan sand (collective)
tcekek v tr cook by frying, fry
tcekew v it to crackle (as fire), make sound of rocks hitting each other, fire is burning
tcotca n inan berry
tekùdthe n inan tea
tenir v tr make, create tenc-
teŋ n inan hair
teŋıpaxı n inan mane
tha number 3
thabwe v tr celebrate, dance
thadcık v it flinch
thadcıŋŋe n inan reflexes
thandı v tr be made aware of, know Y makes you (X-ACC) aware of Z-OBL, with BEN
thanr v it suffice, be enough, be some, be several
thate n anim lizard
thdaku n inan leg, foot
the n inan oneself, self, reflexive pronoun
thebek n inan peninsula
thebeŋewk n inan island peninsula baby
thet v tr connect, build a bridge, mediate an argument
thgo v it be quick, fast
thì prep away, towards, to, GENITIVE, ACC in comparative clauses
thıdthı n inan night
thıdthı ogimthanunt v it several days pass lit. several nights come out
thıfda n inan beak
thıfınti v tr block, prevent
thıft v it be hard, be unyielding
thıftowıxt v it be satisfied
thıgo v tr to like something
thıkna v tr dislike something
thın v it walk
thınne n inan gait "the way one walks"
thıppaŋ v tr strike, hit, kick
thù v it be wrong about something
thùne n inan error, a wrong
n anim fish
tmen v it be morning, be early in the day
tmennin v it be each morning
tmì v it, tr see, watch (with BEN -athga-)
tnir v tr, dt create, put together
tomedth v it be recent may contract to tcìdth
tri v tr stretch smth
trì n inan waist
triŋ v tr rule
triŋìme n anim king, ruler, lord
triŋìmormme n anim royalty triŋìmornt "be royal" + me "stative nominalizer"
triŋìmornt v it be royal, be related to the king triŋìme "king" + ornt "related to"
trìxa n inan head
tro v it be liquid, flow
trùmıt v tr wrap, suffocate, enclose, close (tr)
truth v it sit
trutha n inan meal
truthath v it to have dinner, to dine
tthawa v it be delicious
tthun n inan human skin, fleshy material
tùsr n inan table, altar
u n inan leaf
u n inan body, torso
ù number 7
udth adv always
ùfı v it be ashamed, be embarrassed, be socially inept
ufk v tr be son/daughter in law, be cross cousin to (general)
ùlemmow n inan molasses, honey, sap, syrup
ùleŋ n inan viscous substance
ùmu n inan rose
un n anim brother
un v tr be brotherly to someone
un v tr begin, start
urìwul v it be accidentally drunk
uront v it bark
uru v it make a sonorant animal noise, call
utep v it etch, carve, write
waci v it, tr spit, deny
wan v it approach (destination LOC) soon - nominalize verb, then "wan
waŋxa n inan mineral, inorganic material
we number 5
wek v it be salty
wekık v tr deep fry
weŋŋe n inan salt
wer v it, tr arrange, write
wewdre v it be obsolete, be forgotten
n inan area, stake, claim, open field
win v tr be brother to (intimate)
wimmo n anim brother
wìri v tr align, line up, form a grid, assign seating, draw a grid (arch)
wit v it condense
wit n inan dew, condensation on surface
v it emit light, shine
wınne n inan responsibility, necessity
wınt v tr shine upon
wok v it be tentative, be unsure (add transitivizer also)
wont n anim dog
woppiwıxı v it be feisty already conjugated with pvb and aspect
wotecdca n inan stomach, intestines
n anim owl
wucu v tr pull
wùjo n anim ant, army grunt, soldier
wùjowtı n anim school of fish wùjo "army grunt" + tı "fish"
wuntr n anim cow
xa v tr pick up
xene v it breathe
xenek v tr be born by (mother)
xer v tr etch, carve
ximi n inan river
ximli n inan mouth of river, delta, tributary
xìmo n inan bed, mat
xnim v it work
xomp n inan tooth
xowt v tr pillage, loot
xùndi n inan pine tree
xuntra n inan thorn, pike, spike, horn
xupìfwa v it be complicated, be complex
xwincmı n anim one who flirts
xwinco v tr flirt (with someone) "good nose"
xwı n inan nose
xwù v tr kill
xwù n inan elbow, bending joint, knee